Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakage ft Newham Generals - Hard

True in keeping with the name of this blog... its 3am.. got tha Olympics on mute .. gonna be up for a while lol.. bout to pick up some new beats...

But before I do that.. wanted to big-up this track as I don't hear it enough for my liking... Its produced by Breakage.. featuring vocals by Newham Generals (dirteestankrecordings).. Newham Generals have gotta be one of my fav Grime acts.. - if u haven't picked up Generally Speaking.. u should go cop that..

I'm sure some of you know Breakage from his Drum n Bass productions, but he's definitely been on his Dubstep grind for a minute as well... This ones out on Digital Soundboy.. Shy FX's label... nuff said...

I think FunkFlex should be playin this.. don't know bout u

-big up Grime Daily for postin the vid

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1 comment:

  1. fukin luv dat tune!!!!....dats where grime should be going! bigup newham genz... newham is def one of the "hardest" hoods in east London... Idris Elba is from there too... Anyways... BLE$$$$$$!