Friday, February 26, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

Last year you may remember the controversy surrounding Jay-Z's "On to the next one" video. It was chockablock full of satanic masonic imagery. So much so, that people out there created a video (that u can see on youtube) dissecting and analyzing all the imagery as evidence, trying to suggest Jay was part of a satanic wing of the masons and an money grabbing evil one at that. Personally I found it all to be stupid hype. I think it was a stunt just to get people talking... which of course worked. Jay is no more a mason then I am the head of the CIA, lol, but here we are in 2010 and guess who's now being targeted for analysis now!??!?!?!?
Well, in the midst of black history month and after a few embarrassing "black face" pictures surfaced of Diplo, its Major Lazor's turn.
If you been bored, snowed in and stuck on facebook this last week like myself, you may of seen the current feud between NYC's Crunc Tesla Vs. Major Lazor...
heres the video...

Now, im not going to comment too much here. I dont think Diplo is racist (no more then the average person), more likely just another misguided person trying a lil too hard to "be down" but more interestingly it does raise a few questions I would like you folk out there to think about...
At what point does music become exploited? Is Major Lazer deliberately racist or the product of the blissfully innocent/ignorant? Is Major Lazer being picked on because they are white people doing "music of black origin" and getting paid when a lot of acts dont seem to make it? Is race still even an issue here in the post Collie Buddz music era?
Is Diplo/Major Lazer exploiting Dancehall culture to make money?? or are they doing it for the love of the music? Do u care? Are you offended? do you not even give a shit?


Anyways, I am currently selecting tunes for the free "Ammunition" mix, that im putting together with Bookz. It will be put out very soon on First City and Its part of the promotion for the Ammunition EP coming out next month. It's a selection of instrumentals aimed at the MC that's "ready for war/battle".

If you have any instrumentals that you would like to be part of Ammunition email me here... also...keep it locked as the mix will be posted here for free download very soon.....

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  2. christ all for one little typo, didn't realize it would show post "deleted by author" ... well this is what I wrote in the first comment.

    just when you thought it was safe to put your mug on a hefty, pocket bike-riding, "latina" ... in all seriousness i could see how a lot of people would find these videos offensive. obviously, it has a lot to do who's doing it. would it be taken differently if elephant man was wearing an enormous strap-on? probably not. if this got any attention at all in Jamaica, I'm sure it was not appreciated. Safe to say, the combination of musical styles that you hear in the production (which I wasn't a huge fan of to begin with) comes across as a kind of cheap marketing ploy when paired with the plotless and overdone visuals. on the hand, stereotype and sexploitation don't seem that out of place when you consider the b-movie subtext of the project's title, pathetically animated in the "hold the line" vid. I'm not saying its not wrong, I'm just saying I wasn't surprised. Even if the the "conspiracy" Raedon puts together is a little bit of a stretch I'm glad someone is taking the time to idicate the ignant hipsters that might actually buy this shit without thinking about it. safe!

  3. here here!!! (in a uk parliament style)