Thursday, February 11, 2010

Humber Dont Slumber

Here it is. After a week of navigating DNS registry and CNAME records Don't Sleep NYCis live. DSNYC is a forum for events, sounds, and gear not be slept on as well as a showcase of the tireless talents of some of NYC's insomniac creatives. For all my individuals working two jobs and still finding time to make creative ends: its time to get paid. It's gonna be a hot summer and an even hotter winter...

In lieu of not sleeping on future fresh, I'm starting the blog rolling with something that escaped my attention previously. Ramadanman is a dubstep producer with a very distinctive sound. His tracks can be quite sparse but almost always feature diverse rhythmic structure and mind-hollowing sub-bass. Some recent tracks have seen Mr. Kennedy returning to garage and basic channel roots as dubstep continues to branch-out towards tropical, funky and techno sounds. Humber - released on Applepips in May 2009 - is just such a track with cheeky vid here produced by Vector Meldrew which I will be replaying for the next hr. or so ... Stay up!
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  1. i see an animated vid in the near future for us...


  2. hello hello hello!!! yes DSNYC!!! luv it...nice one guyz... luved the first post... the first part really summed everything up....BIG TINGZ!!! as for that lil bit of minimal ukg bizzness... after a week of morphine and all types of crazy kinda messed my head up again

  3. nice nice! hope you feeling better bruv ... get back in them track shoes!