Monday, February 15, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Pum Pum

hello, hello, hello....

This is a short post about "Sticky"...If u dont already know... this guy has been in da UKG scene since it began.... sum of his biggest tunes include... Stush's "doller sign", SLK's "Hype Hype", Miss Dynamite's "Bad Gyal"....just to name a few... well now hes back with more of his trade mark dancehall-ukg-grimey-bashment-sound, and this time with Natalie Storm pon di mic. She does a good job singing how sweet her "pum pum" is and pulls it off nicely without sounding like a complete whore. Its def. sutin hard to pull off but I think she does a great job and it will def. get your girl shaking her back off in di dance. Miss Storm has def. got mad potential, Plus I think I got like a lil school boy type crush on her right now... anyways u never know, Rihanna started out doing dancehall before she sold her soul and became the new Grace Jones.... like I said...U NEVER KNOW!!!

P.S. sum older classic (Instrumental) Sticky production...this time st8 grime yeh...and damn, wen it drops...IT DROPS!!! BIG!!!

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