Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Like Grime music, DnB, Rap, in fact most music... they all had a "golden era".... Today i want to share this gem from Wu-Tangs 2000 "the W" album. The imagery reminds me of the early so solid videos and most of the grime videos ever made come to think of it. This is one of my fav. RZA beats... it minimalist but so complicated at the same time...a bouncing bass line that never stops, with sparse kung-fu movie samples and then this, wot I can only describe as a space age magical bubbling sound every few bars.... OVERLY SICK...AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT...ITS FROM 10 YEARS AGO!!!!! Shit still hits hard enuff to make u wanna go Chris Brown on sumbody.....CAREFUL!!!
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