Friday, February 19, 2010

Readz Bookz

First off ... First City top-producer Bookz will showcasing his talents at Konkrete Jungle tonight along side veteran junlgists Kmillion and Jamalski with anti-genre bass-marauders Human? and Lifeline closing out the night. Its Monday night people ... Don't sleep!


After a solid premier release Steakhouse Records label heads Monkey Steak have packed their highly-anticipated and long-awaited second disc full of dancehall/funky derivatives and is receiving support from Toddla T and Chrissy Murderbot as well as rave reviews from DJ Mag. Hyped Up EP's title track is a kuduru/acid high-energy freak-out with a wicked carnival-vocal laced by MC Zulu. The instrumental, Bombeiros, is a fairly strong riddim in its own right and sure to keep things moving in the rave. Hanuman and Atki2 then slow things down (speeds up rather!) with the 90 bpm Tigris Riddim sounding like significantly more benign Muslim Gauze tune, followed up by Haarlem Drift - imo the most natty selection - which adds some well-placed pads and samples to the UK funky mold. Friday shipping from Chemical or wait for the digital.

Here is the phenomenal Greivous Angel remix of Tigris Riddim which, oddly, didn't make it onto the EP. Massive Tune!
Monkey Steak - Tigris Riddim (Grievous Angel Remix) by Steak House Records
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  1. yeh bruv....feelin dat riddim...BIG...never herd of any of these cats...where the hell they come up wit these names?!?!? Monkey Steak?!?!? Chrissy Murderbot?!?!?! lololol anyways...cant hate if they make big tunes like this....Bigup Bookz tonight...sure he will hold it down....FIR$T!!! DONT $LEEP!!!