Friday, March 26, 2010


Massive event put together by Mean Red featuring none other than Croydon's own Afro-Warrior, Benga alongside Caspa, and Hudson Mohawke. Benga is by far my favorite of this lineup, seeing as he has been pushing the dubstep sound in a much funkier, detroiterer and baltimorierer direction for some time now. Caspa's forthcoming Ludacris remix has a lot of people talking and is strangely reminiscent, in parts, of Cajmere's percolator. Hudson Mohawke seems like something of a mismatch for this event since his music tends to fall into the wonky or glitch genres. In the case of his most recent album, that wonkyness is completely over-saturated with 80's synth-pop and r'n'b. Considering that this event was custom "built" for Webster Hall's Boys & Girls night, this pairing is perhaps less odd than it seems. That is if one can ignore the oddity of it being at Webster Hall in the first place. Times have changed ...

Look out for Rusko April 9th
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