Friday, March 26, 2010

Freddie Gann sample tracks

Freddie Gann hails from Stony Gut in the parish of St. Thomas. Since the mid-90's he has been locking down BK: from Sterling in crown heights to Wynona in East NY/ Bville to 90's Flatbush to the whole Canarsie, di ting set. Here is a couple tracks from an old mixtape of his to gain more familiarity. Comment!!

Cant diss di Program- Freddie Gann by dontsleepnyc

Whole a dem fi dead--Freddie Gann by dontsleepnyc

Dem na Readi- Freddie Gann by dontsleepnyc

Love- Freddie Gann by dontsleepnyc
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  1. Freddie Gaaaaann! nice tracks

  2. yes man, def should tek him studio... hit up bookz wen u ready.ble$$