Thursday, March 18, 2010

Music made by rabbits and shitting frogs...

ok, to add to the on going animation theme of late i wanted to share this one... its not really a music video, its not really a short film but a clip (episode 18) from a bizarre but musically interesting television show from Japan. I dont know what the fuck its called as I dont read japanese but lets give the working title... "crazy rabbit and shitting frog"...I cant even begin to explain it so just watch it... but bascially this strange bunch of Russian animal friends make music while driving and trying to escape police... and oh yeh...if anyone knows what its called please holla and let me kno...i wanna see more!!!

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  1. lolololol....just watched it for the fouth time...still funny.....lolololololo

    completely addictive ...

  3. thx bruv... wow...really getting into def. a fan now..Kirenenko is my boy!

  4. check this...