Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ups and Downs

The whole world fucked up right now...real talk some backwards shit going on...they locked up my dupes and he had to pay a grip just to post bail (and thats only ten percent), so real talk i hope him best of luck on his trial date. FREE FACE, And good luck to Freddie. Babylon trying to lock down my squad but perseverance is the name of the game...anyhow thinking of the drama got me feelin dark and grimey so here is a compilation of some tracks reflecting the mood, enjoy:

Killa caliii ish

718 shiit stand upppp

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  1. wow...the memories just flooded back...sum classic tunes here...but for me...ukno murda and dat joint wit flow dan and killa p will 4eva b my shit... damn got me wanting sum back in da day roll deep tunez...when im ere!!!! nice post...ble$$

  2. sick post! free up the prisoners ...