Sunday, April 4, 2010

Its Her World...


A few months late with this post but i guess its because dontsleep didnt exist when this record come out in January 2010... so this lil post is about "My World" by Mizz Beats. U may of herd me drop it in the "Recruitment" mix but def worth checking out again...Its a Stonka of a tune but not in a hype-shank-shank way... it gets u wit its laid back vibez.... its perfect for cocktails-on-south-beach, at least thats what i fink wen i hear it....So yeh, see me bussin a lil skank to this on a beach this summer sumwhere near you.... Anywayz... Its really refreshing to hear dubstep thats not a coma inducing head fuck for a change. Not a wobble in sight!. If this is the first time hearing about Mizz B. check out the following quote courtesy of Sonic Minefield.... oh yeh, also... A lil birdie told me dat she makes beats live when performing a show... Def. sutin worth paying good money for... maybe we may see her at a dontsleep event in the near future in nyc...who knows...anywayz...back to the quote...

"East London’s Mizz Beats first made her mark producing grime beats for names like Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and D Double E to name but a few, but came to prominence last year when co-producing the bubbling anthem ‘Purple Love’ with Silkie. But now as part of the formidable Anti Social Entertainment crew along with: Silkie, Quest, J5, Kromestar, Harry Craze and Heny G, she’s flexing he soulful dubstep muscles and where better to do that than on Mala’s Deep Medi imprint…"

My World by mizzbeats
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  1. thx for this... i been meaning to check out more of her productionz

  2. nice. wonder if this is on the huge compilation digital deep medi just released.