Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mad's "Look Pon Me Remix" on Rinse FM's Heatwave

In the typical "Dontsleep" fashion its 3:10 AM on a weekday... I woke up an hour ago, yes... I wake up at 2:10am in the night... my mind racing from violent nightmares... anywayz.. I check my emails... raid the fridge for left over Italian prosciutto and olives to get my thoughts off cigarettes and put da coffee on... Lavazza is my last bad habit to kick! Anywayz, while doing so im downloading the latest podcasts... the Ricky Gervais show and Heatwave on Rinse FM. Today...or should I say tonight im hyped... Gaberial on da Heatwave just played my "Look pon me" by Natalie Storm remix... Bigup Gaberial once again... U got me skankin' round my yard like a nutter and bumpin bashment at 3:10 am on a Wednesday!! Oh the joys of being self employed!!! puuuuuuull up!!!

TheHeatwave15410 by natomadscientist
P.s. Check about 86mins in for my rmx.... P.P.S. a ton of classic sticky bizzness in dare....overly sick!!!
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