Thursday, April 1, 2010

The One - The Leak EP on ManVSMachines

This is def gotta be one of my favorite releases right now... coming from the ManVSMachine camp... hailing from the bay area [SF].. The Leak EP is a 4 track banger produced by The One...

On some real sh*t.... The One has been a serious forerunner for Grime here in the states and abroad... and has been shown love by the likes of Logan Sama and many more...

This is def an ep for your DJ bag, ipod or whatever... Another big release from the West Coast fam...!!!

The One,ManVSMachine,Grime,Dubstep
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  1. damn...i didnt even kno about this... he said nutin to me about this... cant wait to hear this...nicen post!

  2. this this this lolol where can i hear a preview?!?!?!?