Monday, April 19, 2010


The Ammunition EP
Following up on the Top-Producers EP, First City Records have unleashed another round of chest-thumping dubstep/grime/bashment from NYC producers Bookz, Nato and DJ Dore. There's a war on and it wont be won with guns. It will be won with shocking synths, gully bass, and fever-inducing drum patterns. Full copy after the jump

Bookz sends out the first wave of artillery with Crystal Lite - a precise blend of dubstep wobble and grimey stabs interspersed with crunked-out fx and a space-age west-coast lead. Next up, Triple Action Riddim is a bashment scorcher that leaves plenty of room for lyrics. Following his Grimey Bashment formula Nato has outfited this tight production with a bubbling square-lead, vox chants and staggered drums that are sure to get the dance moving. DJ Dore's, The Crystal World, is a rollercoaster ride of twinkling purple-funk half-step and syncopated vox samples rolled into one big acid flash-back. Nato's Mash Man Riddim follows with a jumpy grime gun-track to marshal the troops into battle. If that battle happens to be in the outer reaches of the galaxy you'll probably want some plasma rifles, force fields and a robotic exoskeleton. Another grimey-wobbler from Bookz, 136 Riddim, sets this galactic battalion against a backdrop of swinging synths and tabla percussion. Nato Closes out the final round of the Ammunition EP with the aggressive mid-tempo Certified. The track's catchy hook, eerie chimes and staccato rhythm will be running through your head for the rest of the war. With enough firepower for any MC and plenty of bass to mash up the dance Ammunition EP is a must have for any armory.

Ammunition EP Promo Clip by First City by dontsleepnyc

The Ammunition EP
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  1. Wow... just realized how big this is... nobody can chat to us.. bigup dorzy for da in-depth analysis... Ammunition 2 coming before end of di year...brrrrrp