Monday, April 26, 2010

Survival Soundsystem @ Konkrete Jungle

Playing Konkrete Jungle Tonight alongside First City's Bookz, Survival Soundsystem (Human? and Lifeline) and Krunchy. Gonna be a wicked night reping the many bass heavy ways of Konkrete Jungle with darkside drum and bass from Konkrete veteran Krunchy, grime and dubstep from Bookz, future-garage/bashment from yours and fuckyourgenre bizness from the masters of the game Survival Sound. If you missed either of my mixes on here, I've added a little giveaway to entice you to venture out for the night. Don't forget to check for info and guestlist. New York Don't Sleep!
Rumbatron by dontsleepnyc
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1 comment:

  1. wow...dat shit is nutz...def. a future garage ting... the percussion is crazzzy... and the synths...overly sick... ima have to show u sum of my old garage CDs from back inna day..u gonna like... gud luck on da nite...cant make it...but def link during week...more orders come in...more $$$$$!