Thursday, April 22, 2010

barnum and bailey type clowns...

What fucks me up these days is that people dont think, they just do. Maybe they do these things because it's easy or in fashion, who knows? Whatever the case may be, rarely are the repercussions considered.

Most these rappers nowadays days promote some shoot em up shit. Really, i'm not even going there because you already know that. Truth is i'm not even mad at people talking about guns and killing and shit...if that's the life they lead and people wanna buy it, that's on them.

Point is when you, AS a grown man or woman, start to make a mockery of other peoples realities and take for a joke that which has left other's blood splattered on the concrete...then you need to check yourself.

Its not a fashion statement to rock a red bandanna and twist your fingers up at the club.

I went to school in cali...firsthand i have seen generations of people banging a set. From the 2 year old toddler to the 60 year old granny, everybody affliated and involved.

It is engrained and has been so for quite some time...likewise out of a group of 7 gangbangers/aspiring rappers i was working with, two got killed, one is in jail for life and two are doing alright...the last two who knows.Ganglife is not a fad. Whole communities have suffered and lived these realities and what kind of shit is it to have people who are not from that life acting like it's nothing more then a fashion statement??? Encourging impressionable kids from all over to start wearing colors and becoming part of something they have no understanding of.

Fuck that. That's why I dont fux with drake...not only is this fuckin camel-lookin ass dude never saying shit that makes you think, or even tell a decent story but on top of all that he wants to claim some gang affliation. Bro ur from toronto, and yea i know some GT and yardie bredren that keep it 100 up there, but none of them dudes on some gangbang ish. So real talk what is this clown around clowns really about? To me he is about riding dick and thinking delusional. Otherwise why would he be throwing up gang signs. And all those "gangbangers" around him should g-check him for that shit.

And to all rappers. i dont care if your from south central, watts or chi-town where this shit all came from. But if you promote something like gangbangin as if its cool and fashionable and acceptable for anybody to be a part of, your slippin too. regulate and member that all these gangs and organizations come from people trying to regulate their own neighborhoods internally as opposed to having a predominately bigoted police department "handle" disputes etc.

So please think...aS a matter of fact live for the day but dont forget about tomorrow...BLeSS
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  1. camel-looking ass
    sum good points here... a friend of mine from the other side once said to me "theres really no such thing as a gangster rapper"... but he was talking in the context of the old skool code of silence... and if you think about it...its true. But on the other hand... theres a line from a tune i herd recently from French Montana that finished with "nowadayz, they even made gangsigns commercial"... at the end of the day, its all relative, a sign of the times... But I hear what you saying... I feel the same way when I see those stupid jersey shore guidos... There they are, cruising around being spoiled little brats while right now our cousins from as young as 13/14 are back in the old country killing each other everyday in slums a thousand years older then america... just for a little money and respect... The world is fucked... and I guess what I am trying to say is.. people need to show a lil more respect... even camel faced dickheads...lets all remember WHERE WE COME FROM.BLE$$!