Monday, May 31, 2010

Sound Test: Having A Nosh

It's a beautiful day outside and I've the spent the first half of it inside on a magic monday tip banging out a new one. I will almost certainly be dropping this track and others like tonight at love (40 8th st. Manhattan, NYC) from 10:30 - 12pm. Half price drinks folks! That means $4 Redstripes! Unheard of ... anyway this one's called Having a Nosh because that's what I'm about to do ... then it's out to sunshine! Peace.
Max Echo - Having A Nosh by dontsleepnyc
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

peace is the word and love is the walk

Konkrete Jungle moves into new digs at Love! Two Rooms! Function-1 Sound System! Drink Specials! This is the way Monday night should be: Jungle, DnB, Dubstep, UKG, bass music culture in fine style. Here's the lineup for this inaugural bash:

(Room I)

Digital Konfusion , Konkrete Jungle, NYC Jungle, NASA

Dim Mak, ESP, Aufect, Big Dada, Electrostim

Dont Sleep NYC, First City,

Survival, Konkrete Jungle, Fuck Your Genre

(Room II)

Urban Breaks, Konkrete Jungle

Urbanfoldz, MethodsNYC, Moon Under Crooklyn


Visuals by Funk Taxi 420

DOORS @ 10:30
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Wobbly Woo Mixtape - Checan

New mix from the mighty Checan. Checan, for those that don't know, is an up-and-coming bassline dj/producer from Shefield UK. Several of his tracks have been signed to NYC dubstep label Code Of Arms and will hopefully see digital light latter in the year. This mix undoubtedly clappers and much high energy tunage to put your grandmother in the mood to get out on the floor. Bless up!
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Dark Disco 5.30.10

Mean Red have been making ninja moves this memorial day weekend with a slew of terrific parties, but the one to really capture our attention has been Dark Disco. The name itself seems to conjure up Dubstep's roots in El-B's Metalheadz inspired UK garage circa 2000 as well as the acid and garage house of 90's New York rave era. Boasting two floors of house, funky, bashment, dubstep and, presumably, disco, this might as well be a rave (shhhh). Assumptions about the history behind the name are put in more concrete terms when you look at the lineup Mean Red, Konkrete Jungle and others have assembled. At the top of the list - and for good reason - is MJ Cole. Mr. Coleman's production skills have consistently hit the mark from for over 10 years with the countless tracks re-released on compilations testifying to the importance of this man's contribution to the evolution of UK garage and house. His recent Riddim EP carves out a expert combination of ragga/dancehall's effectively sparse compositions, garage cheek and sound design subtlety. Not to be missed. He is followed up by Ikonika whose productions have consistently pushed dubstep in the direction of downsampled synth-heavy melodies and wonky innovative rhythms. Her album on Hyperdub early this year, in addition to a seemingly endless stream of remixes, all have a stunning precision and brazen combination of estranged electronic motifs. Speaking of melding disparate styles, Adrian Michna (aka EggFooYoung) has been smashing musical influences together in his head for ages. His "No Back Seat" on Ghostly International's 2 Disc Horizon Line pits crispy Vibert-esque percussion against warped vocals and hard-rock guitars. More decidedly on the house side of things, Actress has a penchant for tossing strange vocal tidbits and lurching loops into seductive grooves. His double LP out earlier this month continues the journey into the inner reaches of the dark house nether world. Phew ... if that weren't enough the downstairs has the one and only Kenny Dope at the helm! A legendary producer and one half of re-edit wizards Masters At Work, Mr. Gonzales is due credit for influencing multiple generations of beat breakers, remixers and hip-hop and house Dj's worldwide. Obviously not limited to any singular genre there is no telling exactly what we'll hear from him tonight. Whatever it is, it's got to be funky. He is joined by deep house duo House of House, SF's Worthy, Brighton's Nick Hook and ... Egyptrixx! Toronto producer Egyptrixx first came to our attention with his Nightslugs EP back in March. His recent work, while comparable to Ikonika's in it's irrepressible wonky palette, is rife with funky hooks and shuffling drum patterns and spine tingling bass. He's also done some retarded dubstep tunes;0 More than a few minds will be blown when this man steps up the decks. 7 hours of music, two floors of DJ's, one incredible event worth every penny. Don't Sleep Folks!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010


No batty-man colours here....and no small hipster sizes either...XL is the smallest!!! (maybe large, we will see)... Heres lil sneeky peak of sum of the new Teez coming off da production line and will be online for sale soon....

1. Custom Classic FC Tee ...there 3 versions with different slogans on the back "Free Germz!", "King Of New York", and "Top Producer".

2. FC "Where you Reppin?" Tee

3. Special Mad Scientist Productions Tee...haha...had to get my own one init...

4.FC "Solider" Tee... different ranks also coming...

5. FC "I Fucked Koniesha" Tee for da gallis man dem ;-)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sound Test - Westminster Riddim by Mad Scientist

Westminster Riddim (V.2) by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc
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HEAD SPACE... Sat May 29th

if u in the City this Memorial Day Wknd theres gonna be lots to keep u busy...
one of the ones happening this weekend is HEAD SPACE in Greenpoint BK.....

with sets from the legendary Bombaman, Nebulla, ODI, Joe Wize and urs truly Bookz


New Yorks favorite renegades of bassweight, Hellfire Machina and
Code Of Arms are back with a new installment of HEAD SPACE.
This month Bombaman is coming through to tear
Brooklyn a new one.

Bombaman - aka one half of the dubstep duo Loetech with XI from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nebulla of Code Of Arms | | Filthy Digital | KJ

ODI | New Amsterdam Recordings | BFM

Bookz | First City | Dont Sleep NYC

Joe Wize | New Amsterdam Recordings | BFM

Point Blank | Dubspot

37 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ODB - Brooklyn Zoo (KRTS Residential RMX)

Rapflashback Redux! If you don't know KRTS it's time you did. One of the minds behind last months phenomenal Beards & Flannels party, Kurtis ranks with the best of NYC's glitch-hop innovators. While I would have preferred a more rawkus remake of the 95' classic, KRTS's version doesn't disappoint when it comes to matching the tone and stomping flair of the original. Warbling airplane drones and intermittent pads take us from darkened hallway to towerblock rooftop and spread the mix out towards the horizon. The drums KRTS has layered on the original pattern pack a much bigger punch; nicely articulated with an understated robotic bleep that reminds me of something from BD1982. Cop the free download of this track here ftw and keep on the lookout for the next hipster fiesta (cringe...) at Coco66.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sound Test - Bally Up Riddim by Mad Scientist

Another sound test...sutin a lil different...Bally Up Riddim...
Bally Up Riddim by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Konkrete Jungle Goodbye Party

Konkrete Jungle has long been a fixture in NYC and is well known for being the longest running Jungle Drum and Bass weekly in the world.... It carries with it a wealth of Respect and Notoriety from around the world... There are Konkrete Jungle Chapters that stretch around the globe and back.....

This Monday Konkrete says Goodbye to the Pyramid Nightclub and will move to an as of yet, unnamed new venue in the city...
(the suspense is killing me.... lol)
This party hands down, will definitely be intense.. with back2back sets all night... Get ur power nap in before u roll out...

Much Respect to Mac and Junglez!!!

see u there!!

grime dubstep konkretejungle
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Music is medicine, music is sanity

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tek Yr Time...

Sum realness from Doctor... part of the "Shank" film soundtrack and a campaign to end gun and knife crime in London....

P.s. Producky from Chase and Status...BIG...

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This shit is funny but fucked up...still unno gaza mi sey

This shit is well done and funny but damnnnn
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sound Test: Patron Riddim

An ode to my drink of choice (bookz...u kno wot im on!) rudekid got jacky D....well, da mad scientist takes patz.... so, it 3:10ish AM... on a sunday night/monday mrning and ive just dun another one of dem ragga-step grimey dancehall in progress... here the first mix...let me kno wot u think...
ble$$/DONT $LEEP!

Patron Riddim by Mad Scientist by natomadscientist
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catalog Riddim

dat ting unda yuh skirt... Big tune... Di Genius on producky...alot of big tunes on this riddim... for me its Mavado or Aidonia...overly sick...

Full mix...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Jinder -12th Planet and Flinch Remix

dropped this gem at Konkrete Jungle a couple weeks back...
big remix from 12th Planet & Flinch out on Trouble & Bass Records...
sic production...

some nice vocalz and vibez for ur summertime bbq's

u can pick it up here

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ragga Mayhem Konkrete Jungle May 10th

Ragga Jungle bizness in full effect for tonight's Konkrete Jungle at the Pyramid. The man behind Top Ranking Records and Konkrete Jungle Baltimore, DJ Serial will be murdering the dance with his label's extensive arsenal of breakcore baderation. Top Ranking is also home to Florida's J-Ryder, a formidable producer whose tracks twist classic drum breaks into impossible contortions around roots and ragga samples. Expect similar roughneck bizness and top-level production from Ruffah Ras Records' owner and co-founder Illicit. If that wasn't enough, Konkrete Jungle OG's Vinyl Fatigue and Spinmaster Mind will be bringing the old skool, new skool and beyond. Absolutely massive lineup not to be missed on any account. Don't Sleep Pueblos! Full info after the jump ...

DJ Serial


DJ Illicit

Vinyl Fatigue

Spinmaster Mind & White Owl

Where: The Pyramid, 101 Avenue A between 6th and 7th street
18 to enter

21 to drink

Reduced admission with flyer or guest list.
Doors @ 11pm
$10 / $8 w/ flyer or guestlist
$5 before 12AM with flyer or guestlist
facebook event

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I put ice in the ring like hockey...

I wasn't gonna post this...but after playing it for like the millionth dont get any older! BIG RIDDIM!!!
I been feeling Big H for a while now, since he dropped his sick mixtape "street crime Uk" last year, im still bumpin his tunes 6 months later. This chooooooon....and it is a CHOOOOOn trussss me...along with "real on road" are my favz.... Plus risky done this overly sick lil hood video... hold tight risky and grime daily who both been steppin up thier hood video game seriously the past year...

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Terror Danjah New Dancehall Mix May

Can't resist. Not much to say about this just bare chunes and Danjah murdering a Mixcloud ting. Just the thing I want to hear on a friday afternoon!arright back to work ...

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Dark House: Randomer & Fife CTFAT101

Well ahead of schedule with this one. Randomer and Fife have brought together their half-step breakbeats and downtempo melancholia into a selection of vibrant funky riddims that are the perfect thing to set the tone for the rest of the summer. Forthcoming on Fat! May 24th. First Foamo and now this! Keep it fat. Mandatory pre-order. Here's the original post at Fader.
Randomer & Fife - Too Many Times by Fat! Records
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheese Roll... Real Talk?

So before, in a previous blog I was hatin on wiley a bit for his recent "comercial" tunes with Roll Deep and A list... But, dont get me wrong... he IS and ALWAYS will be a muscial hero for me... I will never forget the first time I heard all dem eskimo riddimz and "wot do u call it?" way back in the day, before I even came to America and remember thinking, this is gonna change everything... Its just so difficult to see one of my favorite artists making what is essentially pop cheese... its hurts...u get me?!?? Anyways, after seeing this interview... I can kinda forgive him... I cant argue with his outlook and positive attitude towards the future... especially at the end when is says "forget all dat hatred ...I just want to be rich..."...BUT...then theres the other side of the picture...check the Big H interview... its maaaaad long at 45 mins....but kinda funny still...

If you got a spare ten... check this interview out...

Big H speaks on Wiley, Skepta and Roll Deep

Classic Roll Deep...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pure Badnesss.... Mad Scientist's Capleton Remix

Even if its technically spring feels like summer is here already here in NYC! At the end of this month I will be putting out my "Grimey Bashment EP" and to get people in dat bashy summer dancing mood (and to help promote of course) I will be giving away a FREE version of the EP fully vocalled and then instumental version will be on sale online...

So, here is another one, which I will put for free download before the end of the keep it locked!!!

If, like me you have ever wondered what it would be like to do a track with Capleton then this is prob. what mine would sound like... This is my "Xtra Large Riddim" by the way...ENJOY! ble$$! DONT$LEEP!

Badness by Capleton Remix by Mad Scientist by natomadscientist
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Konkrete Jungle May 3rd

Konkrete Jungle kicks off the month with some heavy rollers and top selectors. Courage has been a key figure in the music scene for time and his selection sports breakbeats at all tempos. Expect heavy rollers and soulful cuts from the UK's Mr. Oberon as well as NYC's David Shichman. Junglez is known to rip up a warehouse rave with everything from soca-style dubstep to dark dnb and classic acid trax. Serious vibes in the place! Get on the guestlist here. Full info after the jump...

Courage Promotions

Edward Oberon

David Shichman




Where: The Pyramid, 101 Avenue A between 6th and 7th street

18 to enter
21 to drink

Reduced admission with flyer or guest list.

Doors: 11 pm

Price: $10 / $8 w/ flyer or guestlist
$5 before 12AM with flyer or guestlist

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MJ Cole Riddim EP

Finally got my vinyl copy of this in the mail on last Friday. Every single one of these tunes is a jem of funky bashment production. None of them gets too busy or too far along it it's development - it is a set of riddims after all - but they all balance the simplicity and sparse drum patterns of a instrumental beat with subtle variation and a compelling palette of sounds. If you don't know, MJ Cole has been in the 2-Step/Garage game since early days, hitting it big with his track "Sincere" in '99. Get to know and be sure to check out the other releases on his Prolific label.
MJ Cole - Riddim EP by MJ Cole
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