Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ODB - Brooklyn Zoo (KRTS Residential RMX)

Rapflashback Redux! If you don't know KRTS it's time you did. One of the minds behind last months phenomenal Beards & Flannels party, Kurtis ranks with the best of NYC's glitch-hop innovators. While I would have preferred a more rawkus remake of the 95' classic, KRTS's version doesn't disappoint when it comes to matching the tone and stomping flair of the original. Warbling airplane drones and intermittent pads take us from darkened hallway to towerblock rooftop and spread the mix out towards the horizon. The drums KRTS has layered on the original pattern pack a much bigger punch; nicely articulated with an understated robotic bleep that reminds me of something from BD1982. Cop the free download of this track here ftw and keep on the lookout for the next hipster fiesta (cringe...) at Coco66.
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