Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Front (above) and Back Cover (Below)

So months in delay, its finally finished...
In fact, its was finished months ago but when i played riddims for people they were like "i want it, how much?!?!" so me being da top shotta dat I am, I sold the rights off to most of the EP leaving my rent paid for the summer but a blank canvas for an EP... A month or so ago I started again from scratch. Its become a double ep now (8 tracks). Almost like half an album really, but I'm still new to the game so albums dont interest me yet. I have been doing more "bashy" riddims for a year and the name of the EP reflects my new style... I used to make Grime riddims before, but doing shows with First City I noticed, especially when my gurl was with me, it wasn't skank-able. Grime music was good for gunfingerz or starting a mosh pit but not so good for skankin' wit da ladies... And apart from making tunes thats my 2nd favourite past time...having my gurl wine up on me something we both can enjoy. So now, my attention has been going back to what i was raised on; dancehall, or my version of it....hence "Grimey Bashment". Check da mini promo mix by Max Echo...

Another good thing I love about dancehall music is the variety... each track is at a different tempo and when making music as much as I do... its a real breath of fresh air to keep doing different tempos. When you stick to 140, or around there... you tend to go a bit mad... but sum people love it... myself... i need variation so here's a breakdown of the EP tracks and their BPMs...

1.Skeng In Da Car Riddim (115 BPM)
2.Patron Riddim (100 BPM)
3.Blaze Dem Up Riddim (90 BPM)
4.Casanova Riddim Remix (120 BPM)
5.Still Grimey Riddim (140 BPM)
6.Toxsick Riddim (110 BPM)
7.Saracen Riddim (98 BPM)
8.Carmina Riddim (144 BPM)

The EP will be online next week on Juno, Digital Downloads etc..etc......BLE$$!!! DONT SLEEP!!!

Bigup Max Echo for helping manz wit da mini promo mix... and Bookz new First City CEO!!!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sound Test - Casanova Riddim by Mad Scientist

Ok.... so next week Grimey Bashment EP def. landing...around the 30th of June and will be on all the online stores in the first weeks of july.... In da meantime here is a new riddim i did thats going up for sale exclusively... get in early and buy the rights!!!
holla at me asap

Working on a few new ones but im holding dem back till after GBEP.... big tingz still...

Casanova Riddim by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc
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Von D ft Phephe - Show Me

yo I can't remember the first time I heard this track.. prob some time last year on Rinse FM... big up Rinse..
its a track by Von D ft Phephe.. its on some next level Dubstep / RnB type bizness... and don't worry u still got subs on the bottom end...

the vocals on here are mad nice... nice vibez... the vocals almost remind me of one of those Nas tracks from way back in the day..

this vid is what I'd like to see happen'n at Dubstep parties...

now theres nothing wrong with lfo's, but not a whole night of lfo's ...
this is something for the ladies to grind to..
and u know if u played something that they were feelin, they would!!!

still no official release date on this tho... need to make that happen!!!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

SouthPaw Re-cap

Ok, so last night was a nutz... a real good turn out and alot of fun.
Please bare in mind, as u look as these pics i took... i had already dun da patron and was on my 4th pint of guinness... so forgive me for the blurry-ness and lack of artistic vision... like i said...alot of fun....

So, first to bat.... Max Echo warms things up nicely wit sum bashy 2-step bizness...

Meanwhile, the lads get sum drinks/blunts in backstage before their set...

Massa Dog is first to take the mic and gets the crowd hyped....

Singer Bless soon takes over with his soulful vibes...

Headliner of the night Freddie Gann takes to the stage and kills it... getting pure rwds on my riddimz...

DJ Snake doing his ting...

Lifeline closes the night wit sum heavy bass badness...

(left to right) Big Al, Singer Bless, Freddie Gann, Mad Scientist (yrs truly), Random punter, and Massa Dog...

Another crew shot... this time with DJ Snake (far left) and P Dubz (centre dressed in white)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Been a big fan of what Steakhouse Records has done with the past two releases. The third release, a new EP from Baobinga, promises to land another dancefloor smasher. With four tracks of bashment/carnival rudeness featuring Spyda and a shuffling high energy remix from Poirer. "Wine Up" featuring Killa Benz is a restrained funky beast of a riddim with a carnival vibes. It fits perfectly with its pair "Raggahiphop" where Rubi Dan kills it over icey claps and pulsating chords. "Criss like HD" is the kind of tune to send the crowd into overload with epic chord changes and full-on soca baderation. Out July 5th 2010. Big release!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


DONTSLEEPNYC brings you a night of bashment, classic dancehall, hiphop, dubstep, uk funky and more featuring live sets from Freddie Gann, Singer Bless and Massa Dog with special guests MC Kush and MC Reach. DJ's Myles Starr, Love Trip, Max Echo, Lifeline & Bookz will be there to nice up the dance with summer vybes, bassweight pressure, pure classics and fresh riddims. Make sure you catch the first of these summer sessions. DONT SLEEP!! Ble$$

RSVP on Facebook!/event.php?eid=111642908882366&index=1

125 Fifth Ave. btwn Sterling & St. John st. Brooklyn, NY
FREE before midnight !! $5 after
10:30pm - 4:00am
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tension and Release: Max Echo Top Picks

So many new tunes coming out this couple of weeks its hard to say what my favorites are. First and foremost, I'd have to say is Lil Silva's Night Skanker EP on Night Slugs, which received plenty of note from XLR8R and others for it's stark emphasis on drum riddims and deft weaving of grime, house and funky elements. At once harmonious and jarring, there's not a single extraneous sound in these tracks. Every bit counts. Of course most well known from Marcus Nasty sets over a year back is this tune Seasons which is sure to pack the dance time and again.

Its also worth mentioning Doc Daneeka's Pattern EP on Pattern Records. Similarly distilled to their essence, Daneeka's riddims are far less grimey - though well dark - and more consistently aimed at hammering the dance as he did on the 4th of this month at Turrbotax's monthly Business Edition. This one's not on the EP but surely forthcoming on something or other (help?). Badman tune!

I think maybe in the future I'll just publish this stuff in a list of top picks but for now you lot are getting all the trimmings. If its any indication of where things are going - and his tastes usually are - DJ Hatcha dropped a trio of aggressive bashmental joints on Black Acre's Special Branch label last month that are without a doubt my getting rinsed in my selection. This one's my favorite of the pack and this particular vid's got some nerdy ninja fight ala spy-vs-spy thrown in for extra flavor.

You can cop this and two other tracks - one featuring the likes of Harry Shotta - here.
Also don't forget to head over to Halcyon tonight for the Dubwar Blessup session in store as well as a special Turrbotax event at White Rabbit later tonight. DontSleep!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Falty DL forthcoming on Planet Mu

Few state side DJ's have captured the swing and sonic palette of UK garage as New York's own Falty DL, which is something of a cyclical statement considering how much garage owes to NY, Chicago and Detroit. In reality, Mr. Lustman's productions go far beyond emulating any particular genre and often fall somewhere between the house/garage/breaks continuum and experimental/ambient sounds; all the while leaning heavily toward the soulful/Vibert side of things. The first of two forthcoming EP's on Planet Mu Records, is, by DL's own admission, a "take on more traditional 2 step garage". And, while all three tracks certainly do fit the formula, they all offer a bit more in terms of the other elements that are harder to place. Soul vox samples and lush pads brush up against the clipped beats and reserved bass without conforming to the pattern completely. The occasional filtered loop and retro keyboard sound, though more and more common among recent garage innoventors, are still a tip of the hat to Warp and Raster Noton. If you're confused or interested at all by the above description make sure you take a listen here. These three future-classics that are sure to be disturbing dancefloors and eardrums when the EP drops late July.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The king is dead...long live the king....

Ok, so a month back, maybe more, i cant remember, i posted the overly sick risky road hood video of "Alone" by Big H. Then a few posts after I posted a very funny interview, where Big H ranted for close to 45 mins about all the "sell out" pussy'oles in da uk grime scene right now. To follow up on that post here we see an interview with Big H after his album dropped. Since then his "Street Crime UK" mixtape has gone no.1 on the uk record shop and even i copped one on Amazon of all places!!! After a year of pop-house-commercial bullshit in the grime scene finally sumone has come with wot Grime is really all about.... hard, street shit. So move over Skeppy and William... wit they commercial fuckry... theres a new king in town!! and long over due too! I really hoped dat it would be P-Money or our boy Germz (FREE GERMZ!!) to do it.... But the crown for me goes to Big H right now.
If you missed out on the "Alone" video check the older posts...well worth a peek.... wicked tune...and equally nang video!!! anyway, anuff talkin... i hand it over to Big H aka "Big Hater"....oh yeh, p.s. i aint made a grime beat for agez, but street crime def. got me in the mood too...DONT $LEEP!!!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sound Test : Toxsick Riddim

Nice Post before this one! "very nice!!" (in a borat voice lol)Anyways...ima hafi step my bloggin game up now!!!
So, its summer... the best and worst season of the year in da rotten apple.... The best, as its the time of beaches, BBQ and pims with fruit drinks and women in pum pum shorts.... and worst because it get so fuckin hot up in my Little lab i cant even think let alone make music! Today was different... It rained like a good old English spring day... the low temperature means i could turn off the air con and actually hear music coming from my machines.... So here is a riddim i made today...
ToxSick Riddim by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc

P.s. Im almost done mixing my "Grimey Bashment EP", the tracks are finished and it looks like a mid june release. I will have more deatails look out for that and keep it locked...DONT $LEEP!!!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elevated Stations

I've been in a bit of a crunch with overlapping work and freelance deadlines, and so haven't had much time to post here. In the spirit of the daily grind - or griping thereof - I offer a strange piece of New York nostalgia filmed by DA Pennebaker - of Bob Dylan doc Don't Look Back fame - in the bygone era of the elevated rail system. This five minute short describes a fairly simple narrative centered on an early morning commute to "the city". Here's what Pennebaker says about his first film:

I wanted to make a film about this filthy, noisy train and it’s packed-in passengers that would look beautiful, like the New York City paintings of John Sloan, and I wanted it to go with one of my Duke Ellington records, “Daybreak Express.”

I didn’t know much about film editing, or in fact about shooting, so I bought a couple of rolls of Kodachrome at the drugstore, and figured that since the record was about three minutes long, by shooting carefully I could fit the whole thing onto one roll of film. Of course that didn’t work since I couldn’t start and stop my hand-wound camera that easily so I ended up shooting both rolls and even a few more before I was through. It took about three days to film, and then sat in a closet for several years until I figured out how to edit it and make a print that I could show on a projector.

I took it to the Paris theater to see if they would run it. By pure chance it ended up with the Alec Guiness comedy, THE HORSE’S MOUTH which ran there for nearly a year. Since I had a large collection of jazz records, I figured I’d found a way to break into the film business with music films, and it did get me started, but I was never able to make another film like Daybreak.

Needless to say, I found this piece greatly inspiring. It's the kind of thing that first got me interested in film. On the one hand it is clearly dated - the train and the film-stock it was made on both no longer exist - and it captures a view of the city on the brink of enormous urban development. But, it is also somewhat timeless because it connects with the graffiti covered "el" and subway of the 70's and 80's and the futurist and constructivist films of the '20's - both of which used the locomotive to describe the energy and rhythm of urban life. Youtube can be full of crap - a lot of crap - but there are times when it comes of with some beautiful gems. Here's a playist I started with this film and some others. Hope you enjoy!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

BIGGG bumbaclott chUnee my YOuth

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Doc Daneeka at Turrbotax

Over a year in the game, Brooklyn's Turrbotax night has made the transition from bi-weekly freebie to monthly rager without missing a beat. Luckily for us, they have positioned themselves at the crossroads of an increasingly baffling and exciting moment wherein many genres now cease to describe one particular sound and the "openness" that characterized dubstep's earliest days has erupted again in countless new permutations of house, uk garage, grime, funky, bashment, juke, techno etc. Tonight they've brought UK bashmentologist (ok fine he's a house producer) Doc Daneeka to the Cove for what is sure to be a knees-up kind of affair with Trouble & Bass's Star Eyes and and a live set from Blondes. Free entry and Asahi before 11pm. Full copy below:

This month TURRBOTAX® is not only bringing you one of the hottest UK House producers of the moment, but we're also hosting the official DELOREAN AFTERPARTY!

In town from Barcelona for only for a handfull of US dates, DELOREAN members will be expertly spinning on the TURRBOTAX® sound system along side.....

DOC DANEEKA, who specializes in what FACT magazine describes as "house music that takes in the best of the UK: dubstep’s focus on the bottom end, Funky’s desire to look abroad for rhythm patterns and percussion, and grime’s grit." You'll find his tunes in the crates of such selectors as Oneman, Martyn, Brackles and BokBok! NOT TO BE MISSED.

++ On a "chh! it's about time!!" tip- we are also super excited to welcome the one and only "First Lady of Bass" -STAR EYES from Trouble & Bass to shake the house down.

+++ Brooklyn's finest analog techno duo, BLONDES (merok) will be preforming a special LIVE set early in the night, to kick it off RITE. If you haven't seen them play out yet, you have not lived. Un-miss-able.

Video City
Rem Koolhaus

Doors at 10

FREE Untill 11pm
$7 After 11pm
FREE with hand stamp from Delorean's show at Pianos.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sex Appeal Riddim

Big summer vibes on this riddim... def. can hear this in a dance this far im feeling da ele-man version most....

Heres the mix version....

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's summertime, right?

SO you must kno this song and if you dont, you're welcome. and if this on some loud speakers, doesn't make your eyes dont well up...your not alive. fuck that.

ANyhow T, bookz, dore, one of my soldiers, is this song too good to fuckz with or can we have a remix of sorts? nothing cheap either, im talking bout doing it justice but making it so somebody can get off on it too?? thoughts?

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