Friday, June 11, 2010

Falty DL forthcoming on Planet Mu

Few state side DJ's have captured the swing and sonic palette of UK garage as New York's own Falty DL, which is something of a cyclical statement considering how much garage owes to NY, Chicago and Detroit. In reality, Mr. Lustman's productions go far beyond emulating any particular genre and often fall somewhere between the house/garage/breaks continuum and experimental/ambient sounds; all the while leaning heavily toward the soulful/Vibert side of things. The first of two forthcoming EP's on Planet Mu Records, is, by DL's own admission, a "take on more traditional 2 step garage". And, while all three tracks certainly do fit the formula, they all offer a bit more in terms of the other elements that are harder to place. Soul vox samples and lush pads brush up against the clipped beats and reserved bass without conforming to the pattern completely. The occasional filtered loop and retro keyboard sound, though more and more common among recent garage innoventors, are still a tip of the hat to Warp and Raster Noton. If you're confused or interested at all by the above description make sure you take a listen here. These three future-classics that are sure to be disturbing dancefloors and eardrums when the EP drops late July.
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