Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Front (above) and Back Cover (Below)

So months in delay, its finally finished...
In fact, its was finished months ago but when i played riddims for people they were like "i want it, how much?!?!" so me being da top shotta dat I am, I sold the rights off to most of the EP leaving my rent paid for the summer but a blank canvas for an EP... A month or so ago I started again from scratch. Its become a double ep now (8 tracks). Almost like half an album really, but I'm still new to the game so albums dont interest me yet. I have been doing more "bashy" riddims for a year and the name of the EP reflects my new style... I used to make Grime riddims before, but doing shows with First City I noticed, especially when my gurl was with me, it wasn't skank-able. Grime music was good for gunfingerz or starting a mosh pit but not so good for skankin' wit da ladies... And apart from making tunes thats my 2nd favourite past time...having my gurl wine up on me something we both can enjoy. So now, my attention has been going back to what i was raised on; dancehall, or my version of it....hence "Grimey Bashment". Check da mini promo mix by Max Echo...

Another good thing I love about dancehall music is the variety... each track is at a different tempo and when making music as much as I do... its a real breath of fresh air to keep doing different tempos. When you stick to 140, or around there... you tend to go a bit mad... but sum people love it... myself... i need variation so here's a breakdown of the EP tracks and their BPMs...

1.Skeng In Da Car Riddim (115 BPM)
2.Patron Riddim (100 BPM)
3.Blaze Dem Up Riddim (90 BPM)
4.Casanova Riddim Remix (120 BPM)
5.Still Grimey Riddim (140 BPM)
6.Toxsick Riddim (110 BPM)
7.Saracen Riddim (98 BPM)
8.Carmina Riddim (144 BPM)

The EP will be online next week on Juno, Digital Downloads etc..etc......BLE$$!!! DONT SLEEP!!!

Bigup Max Echo for helping manz wit da mini promo mix... and Bookz new First City CEO!!!
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