Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's summertime, right?

SO you must kno this song and if you dont, you're welcome. and if this on some loud speakers, doesn't make your eyes dont well up...your not alive. fuck that.

ANyhow T, bookz, dore, one of my soldiers, is this song too good to fuckz with or can we have a remix of sorts? nothing cheap either, im talking bout doing it justice but making it so somebody can get off on it too?? thoughts?

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  1. well... i dont think the "livin is easy" lol...anyways...yeh big choon...im down to sample and make a beat outta of it... i think i have the nina simone version sumwhere...still...i like the piano on this one....u got it on CD by anychance? if so bring it sunday....ble$$

  2. yea i do....and mahalia does the best version...in my opinion at least