Thursday, June 10, 2010

The king is dead...long live the king....

Ok, so a month back, maybe more, i cant remember, i posted the overly sick risky road hood video of "Alone" by Big H. Then a few posts after I posted a very funny interview, where Big H ranted for close to 45 mins about all the "sell out" pussy'oles in da uk grime scene right now. To follow up on that post here we see an interview with Big H after his album dropped. Since then his "Street Crime UK" mixtape has gone no.1 on the uk record shop and even i copped one on Amazon of all places!!! After a year of pop-house-commercial bullshit in the grime scene finally sumone has come with wot Grime is really all about.... hard, street shit. So move over Skeppy and William... wit they commercial fuckry... theres a new king in town!! and long over due too! I really hoped dat it would be P-Money or our boy Germz (FREE GERMZ!!) to do it.... But the crown for me goes to Big H right now.
If you missed out on the "Alone" video check the older posts...well worth a peek.... wicked tune...and equally nang video!!! anyway, anuff talkin... i hand it over to Big H aka "Big Hater"....oh yeh, p.s. i aint made a grime beat for agez, but street crime def. got me in the mood too...DONT $LEEP!!!

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