Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sound Test : Toxsick Riddim

Nice Post before this one! "very nice!!" (in a borat voice lol)Anyways...ima hafi step my bloggin game up now!!!
So, its summer... the best and worst season of the year in da rotten apple.... The best, as its the time of beaches, BBQ and pims with fruit drinks and women in pum pum shorts.... and worst because it get so fuckin hot up in my Little lab i cant even think let alone make music! Today was different... It rained like a good old English spring day... the low temperature means i could turn off the air con and actually hear music coming from my machines.... So here is a riddim i made today...
ToxSick Riddim by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc

P.s. Im almost done mixing my "Grimey Bashment EP", the tracks are finished and it looks like a mid june release. I will have more deatails look out for that and keep it locked...DONT $LEEP!!!
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