Sunday, June 27, 2010

Von D ft Phephe - Show Me

yo I can't remember the first time I heard this track.. prob some time last year on Rinse FM... big up Rinse..
its a track by Von D ft Phephe.. its on some next level Dubstep / RnB type bizness... and don't worry u still got subs on the bottom end...

the vocals on here are mad nice... nice vibez... the vocals almost remind me of one of those Nas tracks from way back in the day..

this vid is what I'd like to see happen'n at Dubstep parties...

now theres nothing wrong with lfo's, but not a whole night of lfo's ...
this is something for the ladies to grind to..
and u know if u played something that they were feelin, they would!!!

still no official release date on this tho... need to make that happen!!!

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