Friday, July 30, 2010

War Dance Remix by Mad Scientist

Ok, bigup Gabriel and Hammersmith Dan at the Heatwave for da link up...and of course Serocee (Above)...much respect! Here is my first ruff draft of my "War Dance" Remix... This Riddim is the called the "Apache Riddim" and is fourth coming on my next EP; Big and Bashy, droppin august 15th.

let me kno wot u fink.....dont$leep! ble$$....

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today On the Insomniac-Geek Zone... Strange Fruitz...

Its my Wifey's birthday in a few days and one the best pleasures of marriage is buying stuff for your loved one(s). My wifey, with the exception of her Sheff-whore-rah addiction, always likes practical things or stuff that she uses everyday. Where as I like useless stuff like gold, diamonds, scale model tanks of world war II... etc...

Anywayz, there is one exception to this rule. Fruity Loops, or how its known now as "FL Studio". A few years ago, what feels like yesterday, and when i first started out producing, my wifey got my a copy (boxed) version of FL Studio Pro (as it was then called or XXL now). Along with the purchase she had the foresight to sign me up for the life time updates. What that means is.... everytime a new version is released (almost a few times a year) i get it for free for life, so i can just download and off i go! Its probably saved a few grand over the years, as that was version 5 i started on... now 2010... we are almost on version 10!

Why is fruity, or as I call it "Fruitz" so important?
Well, its my personal belief that fruitz is the power behind a lot of the early big grime and ukg riddimz, of what is now looked upon as the "Golden Era". Why? well most of the sounds used are undoubtedly presets in the early versions of fruitz standard plugins and the fact the program alsways starts up in 140, as well as being used by nearly every big grime producer during the that era and still to this day... to name a few of my favz... Maniac, Skitz, Ironsoul, Plasticman, Skepta, Virgo, etc....etc...the list goes on...and thats just a few off da top of da head!

Theres always been this beef between cubase users, logic users, and fruitz users and at the end of the day I want to avoid getting into that whole discussion, but what i really wanna say is this... If you dont know about fruitz... DONT shit on it...its not a the right handz...its deadly...and each to their own yeh.... The newest versions have come light years ahead from the early dayz and all the extra automation, limiters, countless plugins, etc, etc and even vocal recording features are sure enuff gonna get any music geeks aroused in the right way... just check out this video (below) of the new version coming soon or for us fruitz memebers (no homo) its already up for download!

In the few, but intense past years of producing music, I swear by Fruitz! I compose, mix, and even have recorded into it. Every record I have worked on over my short but growing lil music career has been made by Fruitz. Its an obsession. I spend dayz and dayz out of every week on it. So much so I should call it my gumar and If there was a university of Fruitz, i would have a PHD already....and im still learning EVERYDAY!! Korg Tritons, Motifs, Cubases of every version have come and gone... All I need is my Fruitz! A few ideaz, a few juicy plugins, and a keyboard controller.
So, got a good sense of rythem? wanna make music? or just curious about trying a different program? dont waste money on a room full of over priced gear... trussss me, im a scientist...get FruitZ, its a solid place to start, thats where i did!


P.s. Talkin of Birthdayz yeh, if any of u lot wanna buy manz giftz come my own bday... go to... dragon armor yeh... I want a Panzer IV or a Stug IV ;-)
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peppermill Records: Max Echo - It Came From The Stars

Another giveaway ftw! This time from your's truly releasing an oldy but goody of DJ Dore Dirtystep days. It Came From The Stars has been released here as part of an epic and exquisite project from BC's Peppermill Records pairing up a whole range of dubstep makers and other electronic bass artists with illustrators and sci-fi imagists. Visit their site for more info. To The Future!
Max Echo - It Came From The Stars by The Peppermill
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Liondub International: Marcus Visionary - Carib LP

Hi all. This is a review of Marcus Visionary's phenomenal album on Liondub International that dropped earlier this year. A terrific album end to end, it chronicles Marcus' funkier side featuring vocals from 77Klash, Jahdan, Johnny Osbourne, Luciano and more. Full review, Links + free download after the jump...

Marcus Visionary | Carib LP - Liondub International | 2010
A massive winning LP for Liondub International that could have been years in the making judging by the shear number of nang dubstep, soca and funky-inflected riddims Marcus Visionary has packed into this single album! The entire 27 tracks are a striking tour de force displaying Marcus' dark dnb and breaks side keeping step with his Guyanese soca-steeped roots. From his diverse backgrounds Marcus has culled some very notable collaborators for the Carib project. Two opening anthems, featuring the Brooklyn stylings of Jahdan Blakkamoore and 77Klash, set the tone for the rest of the album. ShyFX protege Benny Page also touches down for In the VIP, a funky re-rub of Slim Thug's 3 Kings, and the sly and deceptively simple, yet heavy-hitting Black Panther. Closing out the album, Marcus presents three wonderful dub cuts featuring dancehall godfathers Johnny Osbourne and Luciano. In between the album is predominantly a funky affair - albeit one clocking a steady dj-friendly 140bpm - pitting dnb synths and dark atmosphere against equatorial percussion and dub pressure. Reminiscent of UK garage master El-B, Left Foot Skank stands out from the others for its irresistible wobble and 2-step drum rhythm. Other tracks, like Surinam, Georgetown and Carifesta are straight carnival bashment and are sure to put any dancefloor in a right frenzy. Hourglass also stands out for its shuffling acoustic elements and malevolent sub bass. Amongst these tracks are several well-crafted dubstep tunes. Most of these show Marcus' years in the dnb scene quite strongly and trade the well known half-tempo snare and wobble bass for ragga breaks and grinding bass synths. Ultimately the number of influences present in the work on this album forces us to abandon the crutch of genre specific sounds. We hear dubstep overlapping with its own roots as well as the parallel histories of dnb, house, techno, soca and dub reggae and producing what for me is a terrific statement of where bass music has come from and where it is going. You can grab this seminal work on vinyl or digital through these distributors.


Turntable Lab

Marcus Visionary - Left Foot Skank by dontsleepnyc

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breakage w/ Trouble & Bass NYC 7/29

if u gonna be in NYC this Thursday / 29th be sure to swing thru Santos Party House..
Trouble & Bass have brought over another UK heavy weight to bless the decks....

i have no problem in saying that Breakage produced one of my all time favs of last year... "Hard" ft Newham Generals... [even tho i think it was released as an instrumental earlier]...

regardless.. im sure he's gonna be droppin bangers that night so u can't lose...
gonna be large

but even before that.. u should swing thru Halcyon btw 6 and 9pm,
'before' the show.. where u can catch Max Echo, Liondub, and myself (Bookz) spinning..
Dubstep + Drum and Bass + Dub Reggae + Dancehall etc...

u can pick up some new 12" while ur at it... BYOB... get started early..

more info on that soon...

and if u still aint seen this Newham Generals vid.. here u go!!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Energy God in Queens...

This following vid is simply hilarious, and part of me wishes it was a real series... anywayz, forget MTV cribs... this is JAMAICA CRIBZ!!!! Me and da wifey have watched this a few times now and it never gets old... as well as da comments too...bare jokez!

Elephant man has always had a special place in my musical memory, being one of the first "Dancehall" artists I was exposed to many, many years ago. Rather then the traditional reggae and roots vibes my mother raised me on.

I will never forgot back in 2008 walking home after doing a weekly supermarket shop, only to find Elephant Man shooting a music video on my door step... It was incredible to see him blinged out to da nines with red and yellow hair just chilling like nutin on my stoop. His energy and sense of humor was undeniable and he had my nieghbours in stitches. It is unquestionalbly a classic "New York" moment that can only happen no where else, well, maybe London... but really, its def. classic NYC. I wish i could share that surreal experience with you all, but this video will have to do in da meantime....enjoy!! Also bigup da Energy God... I hope to see u in Queens again!

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James Blake CYMK EP: Post-Everything

And we're back ... small hiatus from the blog roll while I straighten out some tunes and the rest of my life(!). Thankfully all appears to be on track now and I'm happy to share with you some recent reviews of tunes written for the blog of Brooklyn's finest and most eclectic record shop Halcyon (It's true, I've been creeping, heh). Anyway, here's the first of the three or four I'm going to lay on you folks here in the next week. It's a write up of James Blake's CMYK EP that dropped on R&S Records at the end of May. Though it does contain many of the traits we would associate with the dubstep genre - significantly, operating at the ubiquitous 140 bpm tempo - these qualities are estranged from their origins, inspiring some people to coin the term "post-dubstep" to describe this and other unplaceable sounds. I will leave the exploration of this questionable term to another time, but I will add that in the case of James Blake this seems irrelevant as his music is post a lot of other things besides dubstep. Lastly, its important to note that the audio quality of the youtube video I've added doesn't do the massive sub-bass and crackling drums justice whatsoever and if you want to hear the real thing you should head over to halcyon for the vinyl or cop the digital copy here.

James Blake continues his odd explorations of R&B injected garage (or vice versa) on the eclectic R&S label with the CMYK EP. Considerably more grounded in 140 stepper drum patterns than his Hessle Audio release, the four tracks on this EP all bear Blake’s signature use of half-intelligible chopped vocals with some or no titular relevance. Starting out with melancholy piano droplets and it’s delightfully awkward vocal patchwork. CMYK is the winning number of this exquisite collection of tunes.

Swelling with static, the intro lurches into one of the busier tracks on the EP, alternately exchanging swung garage hi-hats for the staccato rhythms of southern rap. Footnotes bristles with static as well as piercing woodblock and talk-box murmuring reminiscent of Darkstar’s Squeeze My Lime. Blake adds in rolling kick drums, pulsating bass and a fake ending to this up-tempo hybrid stepper. I’ll Stay is a sparse hammering number with crackling drums and echo-drenched outro. High-pitch 808 toms, and orchestral stabs form the background for the interplay of female/male vox snippets. Postpone follows with a similar walking bass line and keyboards to that found on his Air & The Lack Thereof. The drums heard here are again sporadic; adding just the right amount of inventive layering of acoustic and analogue elements. This is a sonically versatile and surprising release that should appeal to both fans of Hyperdub weirdness and Todd Edwards’ vocal driven steppers.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Next Mad Sci EP Sneak Peak +Ferragosto Riddim Sound Test

Ok so, heres a sneaky peakz at a new riddim fouth coming on my next EP "Big and Bashy"... strictly dancing bashment vibes again... here is the front cover design and also a sound test of a summer time inspired "Ferragosto" riddim. To all my non-italian people who dont know what that means look it up... here is a has sutin to do with the release date....

"Big and Bashy" drops August 15th, just under a month from now....Its not going to be a double EP this time, but the standard 4 or 5 track affair... I plan to drop the third installment the following month of september... As you know I do things in three...

Nuff said, so enjoy the riddim...if MCs wanna buy exclusive rights, just email me asap...and we can work out a price and license....


Ferragosto Riddim by Mad Scientist by dontsleepnyc
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Is a crossover good or bad??

Vybz, arguably the best most versatile dancehall artiste to come out of JA in recent history is back at it again.

The real question I pose is this: If Kartel's visa wasn't repeatedly revoked and he wasn't banned from America, would reggae burst in the mainstream and kill the art form? OR Would it give Dancehall artists the fair break they have deserved, to make good money, yet still hold their integrity?

Quite honestly, if we take rap as any indicator of what could potentially come of dancehall making it to the mainstream, we should hope it never makes it there. Because the only rappers to crossover and keep true to themselves and their initial fan base were eventually killed.

However, I'm inclined to say this wouldn't happen in dancehall music, at least as much. Jamaican music promotes very different values and covers many more aspects of life, GENERALLY, then American rap music. SO I hope that somehow dancehall music gets a chance to really reap the benefits reflective of the talent, work, blood, sweat and tears thats been put into it. AND y'all know that's where i come in....

PS: Kartel also just got arrested, and is being held indefinitely due to the powers of the new State of Emergency that JA has declared.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

El B Feat. Ita - Think Ur Greezy

El B is def a pioneer in the scene.. whether u know of him through Garage or more thru the Dubstep scene... his versatility on production is impressive.. whether its his smooth jazz infused production on "Stone Cold" or his dancefloor stompers like "Ghost Rider", he's a force to be reckoned with...

Think Ur Greezy is out on his imprint Ghost Recordings...
featuring vocals from Ita...
its the right amount of vocals for a tune like this... sure to rip up the dancefloor....

also be on the look out for Dj Raggs vs El B " She's a Ghost" forthcoming on Ghost Recordings

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the Mad Scientist Show!!

Ok, not a serious post, just sum humor and sum news...

Firstly, Bigup everyone who helped me with "Grimey Bashment EP", Its already become First City's Record's top seller... and I'm already working on the next EP which I will be dropping in August... but as for the name and theme, ima keep it a secret until closer to completion. In da meantime.... if u aint got yours....


Secondly, came across this on youtubez by acciendent... apart from the crazy accent, it sums me up nicely... "im not mad, just mis-understood"...lololol...
anywayz...enjoy... DONT $LEEP!!!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sound Test: Freeza

Hope everyone had a good relaxing extended 4th weekend. I definitely put some extra Z's in and got some fresh air in the lungs. No time to waste though, back to the grid. Its hot as #@&&$ out there so I've titled this one "Freeza". Some of sounds are hot like a sauna, others crisp like an ice bath. Stay positive and don't put anyone in the freezer. Holler at me if you want the 320. Peace
Freeza by maxecho
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jeans and Fitted Video Premier

Vybz this year has seemed to take the lead over many of his rivals, wit hits like "Clarkes" and masssssive tunes "Like a jockey", "Turn and Wine" etc...Also introducing us to overly sick Gaza artist's "Popcaan" and "Gaza Slim" his camp seems to be dominating the bashment scene right now. But it dont stop there! Its not just footwear, its seems Vybz has got a plan for us from head to toe... so now its not just a pair of Clarks but jeans and a fitted too.... and not forgetting the rosary beads!!!

I have been bumpin' this tune for a week or two non stop since it first surfaced online and was very excited to see my current favourite producer "Russian" was going to be a part of the video too. Its good to see producers get a lil of the limelight, after all, it is half their creation but also because "Russian", real name Tarik Johnston, is such a young and talented producer, the world needs to know!

Why is this tune so important to me? Well apart from the clever dancehall identity vybz is exporting to the world (via style of dress), listen to the beat! Russian's hip-hop dancehall mashup has, dare i say it... got a subtle lil grimey bassline in it! Is this the shape of things to come?!?!? well.... i guess we shall wait and find out... 2 words... GRIMEY BASHMENT!!!

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