Monday, July 19, 2010

The Energy God in Queens...

This following vid is simply hilarious, and part of me wishes it was a real series... anywayz, forget MTV cribs... this is JAMAICA CRIBZ!!!! Me and da wifey have watched this a few times now and it never gets old... as well as da comments too...bare jokez!

Elephant man has always had a special place in my musical memory, being one of the first "Dancehall" artists I was exposed to many, many years ago. Rather then the traditional reggae and roots vibes my mother raised me on.

I will never forgot back in 2008 walking home after doing a weekly supermarket shop, only to find Elephant Man shooting a music video on my door step... It was incredible to see him blinged out to da nines with red and yellow hair just chilling like nutin on my stoop. His energy and sense of humor was undeniable and he had my nieghbours in stitches. It is unquestionalbly a classic "New York" moment that can only happen no where else, well, maybe London... but really, its def. classic NYC. I wish i could share that surreal experience with you all, but this video will have to do in da meantime....enjoy!! Also bigup da Energy God... I hope to see u in Queens again!

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