Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jeans and Fitted Video Premier

Vybz this year has seemed to take the lead over many of his rivals, wit hits like "Clarkes" and masssssive tunes "Like a jockey", "Turn and Wine" etc...Also introducing us to overly sick Gaza artist's "Popcaan" and "Gaza Slim" his camp seems to be dominating the bashment scene right now. But it dont stop there! Its not just footwear, its seems Vybz has got a plan for us from head to toe... so now its not just a pair of Clarks but jeans and a fitted too.... and not forgetting the rosary beads!!!

I have been bumpin' this tune for a week or two non stop since it first surfaced online and was very excited to see my current favourite producer "Russian" was going to be a part of the video too. Its good to see producers get a lil of the limelight, after all, it is half their creation but also because "Russian", real name Tarik Johnston, is such a young and talented producer, the world needs to know!

Why is this tune so important to me? Well apart from the clever dancehall identity vybz is exporting to the world (via style of dress), listen to the beat! Russian's hip-hop dancehall mashup has, dare i say it... got a subtle lil grimey bassline in it! Is this the shape of things to come?!?!? well.... i guess we shall wait and find out... 2 words... GRIMEY BASHMENT!!!

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