Friday, July 16, 2010

Is a crossover good or bad??

Vybz, arguably the best most versatile dancehall artiste to come out of JA in recent history is back at it again.

The real question I pose is this: If Kartel's visa wasn't repeatedly revoked and he wasn't banned from America, would reggae burst in the mainstream and kill the art form? OR Would it give Dancehall artists the fair break they have deserved, to make good money, yet still hold their integrity?

Quite honestly, if we take rap as any indicator of what could potentially come of dancehall making it to the mainstream, we should hope it never makes it there. Because the only rappers to crossover and keep true to themselves and their initial fan base were eventually killed.

However, I'm inclined to say this wouldn't happen in dancehall music, at least as much. Jamaican music promotes very different values and covers many more aspects of life, GENERALLY, then American rap music. SO I hope that somehow dancehall music gets a chance to really reap the benefits reflective of the talent, work, blood, sweat and tears thats been put into it. AND y'all know that's where i come in....

PS: Kartel also just got arrested, and is being held indefinitely due to the powers of the new State of Emergency that JA has declared.
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