Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today On the Insomniac-Geek Zone... Strange Fruitz...

Its my Wifey's birthday in a few days and one the best pleasures of marriage is buying stuff for your loved one(s). My wifey, with the exception of her Sheff-whore-rah addiction, always likes practical things or stuff that she uses everyday. Where as I like useless stuff like gold, diamonds, scale model tanks of world war II... etc...

Anywayz, there is one exception to this rule. Fruity Loops, or how its known now as "FL Studio". A few years ago, what feels like yesterday, and when i first started out producing, my wifey got my a copy (boxed) version of FL Studio Pro (as it was then called or XXL now). Along with the purchase she had the foresight to sign me up for the life time updates. What that means is.... everytime a new version is released (almost a few times a year) i get it for free for life, so i can just download and off i go! Its probably saved a few grand over the years, as that was version 5 i started on... now 2010... we are almost on version 10!

Why is fruity, or as I call it "Fruitz" so important?
Well, its my personal belief that fruitz is the power behind a lot of the early big grime and ukg riddimz, of what is now looked upon as the "Golden Era". Why? well most of the sounds used are undoubtedly presets in the early versions of fruitz standard plugins and the fact the program alsways starts up in 140, as well as being used by nearly every big grime producer during the that era and still to this day... to name a few of my favz... Maniac, Skitz, Ironsoul, Plasticman, Skepta, Virgo, etc....etc...the list goes on...and thats just a few off da top of da head!

Theres always been this beef between cubase users, logic users, and fruitz users and at the end of the day I want to avoid getting into that whole discussion, but what i really wanna say is this... If you dont know about fruitz... DONT shit on it...its not a the right handz...its deadly...and each to their own yeh.... The newest versions have come light years ahead from the early dayz and all the extra automation, limiters, countless plugins, etc, etc and even vocal recording features are sure enuff gonna get any music geeks aroused in the right way... just check out this video (below) of the new version coming soon or for us fruitz memebers (no homo) its already up for download!

In the few, but intense past years of producing music, I swear by Fruitz! I compose, mix, and even have recorded into it. Every record I have worked on over my short but growing lil music career has been made by Fruitz. Its an obsession. I spend dayz and dayz out of every week on it. So much so I should call it my gumar and If there was a university of Fruitz, i would have a PHD already....and im still learning EVERYDAY!! Korg Tritons, Motifs, Cubases of every version have come and gone... All I need is my Fruitz! A few ideaz, a few juicy plugins, and a keyboard controller.
So, got a good sense of rythem? wanna make music? or just curious about trying a different program? dont waste money on a room full of over priced gear... trussss me, im a scientist...get FruitZ, its a solid place to start, thats where i did!


P.s. Talkin of Birthdayz yeh, if any of u lot wanna buy manz giftz come my own bday... go to... dragon armor yeh... I want a Panzer IV or a Stug IV ;-)
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