Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite "What you talking about!?"

was listening to a Hatcha and Coki podcast and they dropped this track feat Ms Dynamite on vocals... must say I was feelin this one..!!! - plus i have a soft spot for door - knocker earings

been hearing the instrumental version of this track for some time... this is one of those tracks that somehow manage to blur the lines between Grime and Dubstep pretty remarkably... heard it on Grime and Dubstep DJ sets alike... (for all u bpm counters, this one clocks in at 136bpm's)

Redlight is on production on this one.... who as some of you might know was formerly known as Dj Clipz from the Roni Size Full Cycle Drum and Bass crew... (damn remember Dj Die's Drop Bear track... fuckn still luv that sh*t...wait i gotta listen to it right now..)

anyways... must say u can't pigeon-hold this guy down at all.. definitely someone u need to keep an eye out for... Ms Dynamite compliments this track lovely.. this is a nice one to round out the summer... if u lookin to pick this track up u can download it here.

and while we on the subject of DNB.. shouts go out to DJ ODI.. one of NYC's Finest!!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Humble in the concrete jungle

When you know yourself, you realize life isn't really about the simple divides that people always stress. Black vs. White, rich vs. poor, even young vs old. That is too simple and easy, if there is any clear divide it is between those that know themselves OR those who have no clue or will to learn and are simply lost.

Rasta is about love and not forgetting to help those who are lost find themself,while still standing firm in whats right. If you find yourself in a fucked up situation remember who you are, and what you believe in. Doing the right thing isnt always the easy thing, but no pain no gain. Anyway thats it for the pep talk inspired by one of the best films of all time. Top 10 easily, but probably ranking higher, Rockers:

If you haven't seen it get with the program. I n I try and stay humble after all Jah rules us all.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hipsters dont dance, they just push our rents up!

Sick new mix from Hammersmith Dan from da Heatwave/Hot Wuk....
Def. worth a download, a ton of wicked mashups and exclusives in there....all in aid of the for the return of the appropriately named "Hipsters Dont Dance" on Sept. 4th ...wish I was back in the LDN to catch this one!!! next one yeh BLE$$

Dan Bean's HDD Mix by Hipsters Dont Dance
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dirteestep Reload - DJ Dore

Here's the mix that I've put together with the recent bootlegs I've done plus some previous remix production work that fits with the dirtystep (see previous) vibe. It's not long but I think you'll find it's worth the replay as it ends with a smash that I've been holding onto for a while now. Also got some collaboration business from 2009 with Nato of First City- Peep the track list! Here's the mixcloud and the download if you want to bump it in your ride. Ble$$

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Cham - Man & Man (Max Echo Remix)

Last remix post I'm going to throw up here quickly. This one is slightly different from the others I've posted as it rides at a slower 134bpm, has a more funky/bashy rhythm and doesn't have a southern rap accapella over top. Instead it has JA's Baby Cham, who rose to fame on the radio play of 2006's Ghetto Story single. This is Man & Man from 2000 and it is classic bashment business. Grab it here (don't watch the silence on the end lol):
Baby Cham - Man & Man (Max Echo Remix)
See you all tomorrow at Love! Peace
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodie Mob - Dirty South (Dore Refix)

Another freebie to push the upcoming dirteestep night at Konkrete Jungle on August 23rd. "Dirty South" is offa the Atlanta group's premier album Soul Food from '96, wherein, supposedly, the phrase dirty south is coined. This also features Big Boi and Cool Breeze but the way I've screwed you probaby couldn't tell if you didn't know the original. Massive respect to Atlanta for what now seems like a mini-rebirth of hiphop. Maybe it's a last gasp, but judging from Big Boi's recent album, hiphop is liable to be doing it's thing well into the next century.
Goodie Mob - Dirty South (Dore Remix)
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Friday, August 20, 2010


DeeJay Raggs,Dontsleepnyc,DJ Raggs,dubstep

so I had the good fortune of catchin DJ Raggs' Flex FM show this past Tuesday.. was a little hungover from the night before.. but u know how that goes..no sleep.. Konkrete Jungle was on point tho!! shouts to Liondub...
for those of u who don't know, DJ Raggs is a Dubstep and Garage producer/DJ from London who rolls with the Sum Ting New crew... members include Cotti, Chef, Crazy D just to name a few..quite a team indeed...
I've been clockin her sets and production work for a bit now. guess her love of dark and menacing basslines is what keeps me coming back... - can't help it.. I love that sh*t...

she's also put me on to quite a few tracks.. a real DJ in that respect...
so here's a mix from her Flex FM show this past Tuesday.. which I'm proud to say includes a beat produced by urs truly..

Big Up for that Raggs!!!
she's also got some serious bangers ready to drop, but more on that later..
in the meantime, be sure to check for her show on Flex FM...
Tuesdays 6-8pm GMT

Flex FM - RaggsThatBitch - 17th Aug '10 by DJRAGGS
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Lil Flip - Game Over

In between sampling british TV ads from the 70's and watching Battle 4 Brixton I'm posting up some more duttyness from the DJ Dorzee vault. This one's Lil Flip's Gameover juiced out atari style. His album Before My Time, that dropped this summer was actually a release held over from 2007. Wiki that shit. While you're at it look up Lewisham Riots two sevens clash. Also, if you're looking for more foul lyrics than you can shake a blunt at my boy Dutchmaster Spence is twerkin' it at Santos Party Hüse tonight with Jonny Rooms 7-11pm.
Lil Flip - Game Over (Dore Reflux)
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sound Test - Money Gram Riddim

So, Big and Bashy EP is out, expect to see a post on it soon... Grimey Bashment EP Still doing well... GBEP2 on the way in october... Working on sum new remixes too so keep it locked for dat...meantime here is a new one.... ble$$!

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Giggs - Hustle On

Repost offa DJ Cable's blog. While we here just talking about the US doing dubstep + hiphop, UK hiphop has been at it the other way round. Giggs dropped this on Let Em Have It along with a bunch of other 160 to 130bpm type stuff. the lyrics have a strange "screwed" delivery and this combined with the stripped down synth-driven rhythms does a pretty good rendition of dirty south hiphop. Another uk hiphop thing i seen recently on Terror Danjah's twatter (heh) was Loudmouth Melvin's E.P. Peep the vid below. More trans-coastal mutations to follow.

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Dirteestep III

While we're on the subject of music money and not paying artists, I'm gonna give away a track a day between now and monday. Theyre all bootlegs with my own production from a small mixtape I'm dropping on Monday. Remember dirtystep? That half-breed sub-genre of a British electronic sub-genre mixed with dirty south vocals pioneered by a few kids from NY?.. Yeah, that's what we thought. Anyhow, back in 2007 as dubstep bled more and more into the US dance culture DJ Dore and Nebulla of Code Of Arms decided to make it more, um ... American, by mashing it up with southern rap and since it was all over New York radio and Jamglue (the tits!) we had little trouble tracking down accapellas. Admittedly it was a bit formulaic, but it did get us noticed internationally. With mixtape and bootleg culture being such a deep-rooted part of southern rap culture it doesn't seem like much of an offense to provide free advertising for an artist, especially if you are using it as promotional material only. As the music industry shifts over from mega-label stranglehold to a free-conomics model, the idea of giving music away for free is practically a necessary part of any band/dj/producer gaining success and notoriety. Unless you have the money to pay for press or you're connected then giving stuff away is the next best thing. Three years later dubstep has come along very well in the US, with many others from Cali to Philly mashing up the dirty south and strange one off's from Snoop Dogg and Murs that will hopefully continue and continue to get better with time. Here's a sample of what I'm going to be dropping on the mixtape featuring a older vocal from Rich Boy. Don't forget to check back each day for new joints. Mad props out to DJ Cable, DJ Nappy, Ballers Eve, Rich Boy, DJ Tipz, Dev 79, Soroka, The One, LA Dubstep Nostra and 6blocc. PEACE
Rich Boy - White Tee (Dore Remix)
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Recently I have not had as much time to blog as much as I would like to, but unlike some, I try to keep to at least a post a week. I think its a fair contribution.

Its crazy to think a year ago I still didnt know what a flippin "blog" was, well, i did on some kinda of level but not really. I guess in a way, I just wasnt interested, and only necessity has forced to modernize... a bit like Imperial Japan... I remember thinking.... whats the point? Kinda like those Ipad fingz....like, whats wrong with a good book? Is it really necessary to be connected to the web 24/7? to post every mundane thought? Shit, Im starting to sound like and old man!

Nowadayz I see friends on facebook saying stuff like "at the movies watching...." or "on the way to the gym"...who the fuck cares? aint you got sutin better to say?!?!? besides, im waaaaay to parrow for that kinda shit... I hate the idea of people knowing what im doing and where I am.... on sum babylon shit, thats how the system wants u to be. ANYONE who does that on my personal FB gets deleted now, standard! lol

At the same time, its all a very useful tool. Finding out about the newest music releases, hot new riddimz or just being able to communicate with people around the world on cut off little islands.
I guess its a delicate balance, and we have to be our own judges.

Recently, I have been thinking, as I always tend to do, about money and how it relates to this new online world. Next year I am changing my studio setup into a mobile one via lappy and plugins and going to do sum traveling. I will also use NYC as my base and come back here often but thanks to the internet, I dont have to be here all the time.

Over the last year or two, as a producer, I have used the internet to build my own loyal group of clients. These are artists from all over the world. From Poland, London, Australia, USA to Jamaica and everywhere in between.... who somehow, have come across me and my productions either throught myspace, facebook, rocbat, beatshop, or even just plain googled stuff.

These are not famous artists or mega stars, but they are at all different levels of the industry and all types of styles of music. These clients pay my rent and bills. In return i produce, edit, and license my music production to them. Most of the time, its not even stuff I would want to promote or sell myself, for example, I have one MC that just want "golden era" east coast style beats, so thats what I give him. Then I have my own side of the music, my own releases, remixes and projects and I dont charge for that. I do it because I want to.

This brings me to the point of this particular post. I see producers out there paying for big name artists to vocal their productions. Now, I understand people need to get paid. But, this part really pisses me off and goes against everything a Producer should be doing. At no point should a producer EVER, EVER pay for an MC/Singer to vocal their work. This is something I strongly believe. It turns everything around the wrong way. I dont care if you're Bob Marley resurrected from the grave and walking on water like Jesus.... I will not pay u a fuckin dime!!! Now, the most I will do is a remix for free, out of respect, out of mutual progression and promotion. But if an artist is like, " ima vocal dat for $$$" then im like...Naaaaa bruv, it dont work like dat here... so, you mean, on top of the time (is money) I spent producing this riddim I gotta pay you now too?!?!?!?!? FUCK OFF.

Now, PRODUCERS...listen here... If you are one of these people, you need to fix up and stop fucking it up for the rest of us. And I know what some of you lot are gonna say.... "oh well, I am paying for the promotional value of that artist's name..." OR... "im just trying to speed things up"... NO!! if you are a producer and are spending doe and not stacking doe after 3-4 years producing then your fucking up.... not only for yourself, but for other up and comerz... Not to mention the lack of respect you get. If you have been producing a long time and still not making any money, you are either half steppin, sleeping, or doing it wrong. Not everyone will like what you do, but if after a few years and you aint got a loyal group of clients that pay your way.... time to make doe another way. Maybe now your thinking, "who the fuck are you to tell me this?!?!?", well, I may not have a tune with Sean Paul or Bounty Killer, or WHOEVER.... YET!!!...but I'm my own person and people respect my grind. I dont even DJ... and if you see me at an music event...its a rare fing trussss me... but you WILL find me in western union or a money gram. CAPICE?!?!?

Thoughts anyone?!?!?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Hyper: Ikonika Edits

This is another feature I wrote for the Halcyon blog back in July. Ikonika has been a favorite of mine for a long while since her first release on Hyperdub. Her style has progressed since then, taking on other styles and adding more layers and melody to her computerized compositions. Her album on Hyperdub this spring has slightly under-repped in my opinion (though routinely supported by annie mac and other top radio dj's) and is an album that clearly stands out for its merging of dubstep and grime with funky drums and bristling lo-bit aesthetic. Built for the home listening massive as much as the club bangers. Full feature after the jump.
In this choice selection of edits from her Hyperdub album, we hear Ikonika merging her own "computerized" instrumentation-rich sounds with funky trends in dubstep's more recent mutations. With a startling edge and density of tones similar to her ground-breaking Hyperdub work, Ikonika has fused the analog grit and gloss of 80's electro, with the crass melodies and recombinant rhythms of grime/dubstep/funky. This sort of combination can be heard at its most direct in "Psoriasis", which, as the name suggests, is mostly dry of reverb and other effects. Here a wailing high-energy synth-pop lead drives the track over a down-sampled funky riddim and stomping sub-bass. "They Are All Losing The War" also pairs funky and two-step rhythms with a melancholy chorus of square waves and bubbling arpeggios. "Video Delays" is my favorite off the EP for the drums and bass alone, which are matched by a lovely array of pads and twinkling highlights. "Look" is a close second with it's uncanny vibraphone and bashy drums sounding like Boards Of Canada and Marcus Nasty in a Street Fighter match. Sara Abdel-Hamid has put a tremendous bit of heart into this album and if you like what you hear in this dancefloor oriented selection you might want to seriously consider buying the full album. Both are available on vinyl at the Halcyon shop and online in digital format.

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Ballin on a Budget...Good Wood NYC

So, we still looking for a fashion correspondent for Dontsleepnyc.com and if you live in the city and think you got what it takes holla yeh. Put da ego to one side and lets do this ting! Mean time, I want to do quick lil post about Good Wood NYC. Now, I am sure like myself you may of noticed a few people wearing this in the city, so forgive me if I am a lil late wit it!

I have a weakness for gold and bling, and last year when I started to sell riddimz at exclusive rates for the first time, I wasted no time in getting iced out time pieces and ridiculous rings etc... But still have resisted the urge to get a "big ass chain". Maybe I think its a bit much and also I dont like the idea of walking round with thousands of dollars on my neck. So, while browsing on a few over priced "jesus pieces" I came across one by Good Wood NYC by accident....

Good Wood NYC is one of those uniquely new york companies that supplies a good quality range of accessories at a really nice price. And whats even better they are made of wood and affordable enought to collect a whole bunch. And on top of all that, they do custom pieces, like this one the "Caeser Piece", those who know, know it calls out for me!

Ok, go to http://goodwoodnyc.bigcartel.com/ to check out the full range...a ton of designs, variations, colors, etc... and also a full list of stores in NYC and around the world that carry this product line.... DONT SLEEP!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mad Scientist Bashes Up The Charts

Id like to take a second and congratulate Mad Scientist on the success of his
Grimey Bashment E.P. on First City Records.. its been bash'n up the charts..
-pun intended lol

Mad Scientist brings the heat with this double-ep...
its got Dancehall - Bashment riddims that'll keep any dance-floor pumpin...

if u haven't checked it yet, be sure to watch the promo vid...

u can cop the EP here.

need more?? got u covered... Mad Scientist is droppin Big and Bashy next week!!
keep it locked...!!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memories of a past life.... Smoke and Fire...

Wots going on.... I could go on for hours and talk about the death of grime and how theres only a few artists really doing it still... but its long... and aint gonna change anything. Instead, I want share wit u the new video/tracks from Big H's new "fire and smoke" project.
Those who follow this blog know I am a big Big H and Bloodline fan and since the incarceration of most of the First City crew here in NYC, I feel its the next best thing!

Why is it important? well, in the post rolex sweep world of grime, everyone has been rushing to get dat big label "P" and what that has resulted in, is a load of shit pop bollockz, while only a few manz like Big H, Friscoe, P Money, Blacks, Paper Pabz have kept it true to the original grime formula. Grime is not about rolex sweeps, its about jacking your rolex wit a sweep! Its shotta music...road music and when I hear Big H rappin about armed robbery and pushing weight it brings back that excitement I felt when I first started playing so solid waaaaaaay back in the day. Its a feeling I cant really explain, but i can almost smell the piss filled elevators of a block of flats and the TCP on my inching fingerz. Its a feeling i guess, only those who have family or who have lived like that can relate to. So enjoy this video and big up all my people still shottin to pay the bills..ble$$

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Geek Zone Re-up: iPhone Riddims

Made these with a little program from intua.net called BeatMaker. Its sampler/sequencer + fx and well worth the $10 price tag. You're limited to a 16 sample mpc-style kit so they're not the most complex things i've ever made. No channel eq's, no mastering but especially for beats sometimes a little limitation goes a long way! I'll keep posting these as they get done some will be freebies and some will be cut up for other projects. More online music making and applications to come. Geek the $%&* out!
Watermark Jam by maxecho
buzzard crossing by maxecho
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Max Echo & Bookz @ Bless Up!

In case you missed it last Thursday Don'tSleepNYC crew's me and DJ Bookz mashed it up at Liondub's Bless Up! at the Halcyon store in BK. Halcyon does a whole bunch of in-store DJ evenings featuring loads of special guests and resident/staff DJ's broadcasting live on dailysession.com and archived on the Halcyon blog. Bless Up! has a monthly rotation featuring Human?, Lifeline, DJ Moma, Anthony Avatar, Dubwar crew and Percussion Lab. As we've showed up to the party nearly a year late, any month with a 5th thursday will be a special Don'tSleep in-store with Max Echo and Bookz along with special guests from our event series. This one features a great Sugar Minott tribute from Liondub with classic dancehall and lovers rock gems from the vault. RIP dancehall originator! I tried to cram some 30 tracks into a bit less than an hour but plenty of bashy/garage, dubstep and grime tunes from me and Bookz. Next week is Winter, Human? and Lifeline. It's BYOB so get out there while the weather is nice, hang out in the store and soak in the pressure.Bigup Liondub and Halcyon everytime!
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Fat Joe Ft Rico Love - No Problems

yo... i write a lot about Dubstep & Grime, but I gotta acknowledge a good
Hip Hop tune when I here one... don't know exactly when this was released and/or leaked, but its off of Fat Joe's "The Darkside" album...

i still got the 1st Fat Joe record still in the cd rack from back in tha day... He's been holdin it down for some time.. still producing hits... i like tracks like this..
or maybe i just like the Flash Gordon (Queen) + Public Enemy samples being chopped up... lol... Big up Kush for bumpin it in the car...

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