Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ballin on a Budget...Good Wood NYC

So, we still looking for a fashion correspondent for and if you live in the city and think you got what it takes holla yeh. Put da ego to one side and lets do this ting! Mean time, I want to do quick lil post about Good Wood NYC. Now, I am sure like myself you may of noticed a few people wearing this in the city, so forgive me if I am a lil late wit it!

I have a weakness for gold and bling, and last year when I started to sell riddimz at exclusive rates for the first time, I wasted no time in getting iced out time pieces and ridiculous rings etc... But still have resisted the urge to get a "big ass chain". Maybe I think its a bit much and also I dont like the idea of walking round with thousands of dollars on my neck. So, while browsing on a few over priced "jesus pieces" I came across one by Good Wood NYC by accident....

Good Wood NYC is one of those uniquely new york companies that supplies a good quality range of accessories at a really nice price. And whats even better they are made of wood and affordable enought to collect a whole bunch. And on top of all that, they do custom pieces, like this one the "Caeser Piece", those who know, know it calls out for me!

Ok, go to to check out the full range...a ton of designs, variations, colors, etc... and also a full list of stores in NYC and around the world that carry this product line.... DONT SLEEP!

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