Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dirteestep III

While we're on the subject of music money and not paying artists, I'm gonna give away a track a day between now and monday. Theyre all bootlegs with my own production from a small mixtape I'm dropping on Monday. Remember dirtystep? That half-breed sub-genre of a British electronic sub-genre mixed with dirty south vocals pioneered by a few kids from NY?.. Yeah, that's what we thought. Anyhow, back in 2007 as dubstep bled more and more into the US dance culture DJ Dore and Nebulla of Code Of Arms decided to make it more, um ... American, by mashing it up with southern rap and since it was all over New York radio and Jamglue (the tits!) we had little trouble tracking down accapellas. Admittedly it was a bit formulaic, but it did get us noticed internationally. With mixtape and bootleg culture being such a deep-rooted part of southern rap culture it doesn't seem like much of an offense to provide free advertising for an artist, especially if you are using it as promotional material only. As the music industry shifts over from mega-label stranglehold to a free-conomics model, the idea of giving music away for free is practically a necessary part of any band/dj/producer gaining success and notoriety. Unless you have the money to pay for press or you're connected then giving stuff away is the next best thing. Three years later dubstep has come along very well in the US, with many others from Cali to Philly mashing up the dirty south and strange one off's from Snoop Dogg and Murs that will hopefully continue and continue to get better with time. Here's a sample of what I'm going to be dropping on the mixtape featuring a older vocal from Rich Boy. Don't forget to check back each day for new joints. Mad props out to DJ Cable, DJ Nappy, Ballers Eve, Rich Boy, DJ Tipz, Dev 79, Soroka, The One, LA Dubstep Nostra and 6blocc. PEACE
Rich Boy - White Tee (Dore Remix)
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  1. fuckin riddim is nang....sounds proper grimey to me...