Sunday, August 1, 2010

Geek Zone Re-up: iPhone Riddims

Made these with a little program from called BeatMaker. Its sampler/sequencer + fx and well worth the $10 price tag. You're limited to a 16 sample mpc-style kit so they're not the most complex things i've ever made. No channel eq's, no mastering but especially for beats sometimes a little limitation goes a long way! I'll keep posting these as they get done some will be freebies and some will be cut up for other projects. More online music making and applications to come. Geek the $%&* out!
Watermark Jam by maxecho
buzzard crossing by maxecho
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  1. luving this geek shit...and ukno wot... the day fones can run fruitz ...dats wen ima upgrade and get one of dem fancy fonez and not a day before! ... inspiring stuff doe...does it come with any snyths?

  2. no synths. there's a bunch of ones that run on the ipad that look very useful for live performance but this is just a time-consuming toy to sketch ideas.

  3. still....its all a matter of time...the day i can chill at da beach a run fruitz is getting ever closer... imagine i could do an ep every week!

  4. yoooo dat buzzard riddim is mucky mucky mucky bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!!!! merkin manz on an ifone...still cant believe it!