Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memories of a past life.... Smoke and Fire...

Wots going on.... I could go on for hours and talk about the death of grime and how theres only a few artists really doing it still... but its long... and aint gonna change anything. Instead, I want share wit u the new video/tracks from Big H's new "fire and smoke" project.
Those who follow this blog know I am a big Big H and Bloodline fan and since the incarceration of most of the First City crew here in NYC, I feel its the next best thing!

Why is it important? well, in the post rolex sweep world of grime, everyone has been rushing to get dat big label "P" and what that has resulted in, is a load of shit pop bollockz, while only a few manz like Big H, Friscoe, P Money, Blacks, Paper Pabz have kept it true to the original grime formula. Grime is not about rolex sweeps, its about jacking your rolex wit a sweep! Its shotta music...road music and when I hear Big H rappin about armed robbery and pushing weight it brings back that excitement I felt when I first started playing so solid waaaaaaay back in the day. Its a feeling I cant really explain, but i can almost smell the piss filled elevators of a block of flats and the TCP on my inching fingerz. Its a feeling i guess, only those who have family or who have lived like that can relate to. So enjoy this video and big up all my people still shottin to pay the bills..ble$$

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