Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Recently I have not had as much time to blog as much as I would like to, but unlike some, I try to keep to at least a post a week. I think its a fair contribution.

Its crazy to think a year ago I still didnt know what a flippin "blog" was, well, i did on some kinda of level but not really. I guess in a way, I just wasnt interested, and only necessity has forced to modernize... a bit like Imperial Japan... I remember thinking.... whats the point? Kinda like those Ipad, whats wrong with a good book? Is it really necessary to be connected to the web 24/7? to post every mundane thought? Shit, Im starting to sound like and old man!

Nowadayz I see friends on facebook saying stuff like "at the movies watching...." or "on the way to the gym"...who the fuck cares? aint you got sutin better to say?!?!? besides, im waaaaay to parrow for that kinda shit... I hate the idea of people knowing what im doing and where I am.... on sum babylon shit, thats how the system wants u to be. ANYONE who does that on my personal FB gets deleted now, standard! lol

At the same time, its all a very useful tool. Finding out about the newest music releases, hot new riddimz or just being able to communicate with people around the world on cut off little islands.
I guess its a delicate balance, and we have to be our own judges.

Recently, I have been thinking, as I always tend to do, about money and how it relates to this new online world. Next year I am changing my studio setup into a mobile one via lappy and plugins and going to do sum traveling. I will also use NYC as my base and come back here often but thanks to the internet, I dont have to be here all the time.

Over the last year or two, as a producer, I have used the internet to build my own loyal group of clients. These are artists from all over the world. From Poland, London, Australia, USA to Jamaica and everywhere in between.... who somehow, have come across me and my productions either throught myspace, facebook, rocbat, beatshop, or even just plain googled stuff.

These are not famous artists or mega stars, but they are at all different levels of the industry and all types of styles of music. These clients pay my rent and bills. In return i produce, edit, and license my music production to them. Most of the time, its not even stuff I would want to promote or sell myself, for example, I have one MC that just want "golden era" east coast style beats, so thats what I give him. Then I have my own side of the music, my own releases, remixes and projects and I dont charge for that. I do it because I want to.

This brings me to the point of this particular post. I see producers out there paying for big name artists to vocal their productions. Now, I understand people need to get paid. But, this part really pisses me off and goes against everything a Producer should be doing. At no point should a producer EVER, EVER pay for an MC/Singer to vocal their work. This is something I strongly believe. It turns everything around the wrong way. I dont care if you're Bob Marley resurrected from the grave and walking on water like Jesus.... I will not pay u a fuckin dime!!! Now, the most I will do is a remix for free, out of respect, out of mutual progression and promotion. But if an artist is like, " ima vocal dat for $$$" then im like...Naaaaa bruv, it dont work like dat here... so, you mean, on top of the time (is money) I spent producing this riddim I gotta pay you now too?!?!?!?!? FUCK OFF.

Now, PRODUCERS...listen here... If you are one of these people, you need to fix up and stop fucking it up for the rest of us. And I know what some of you lot are gonna say.... "oh well, I am paying for the promotional value of that artist's name..." OR... "im just trying to speed things up"... NO!! if you are a producer and are spending doe and not stacking doe after 3-4 years producing then your fucking up.... not only for yourself, but for other up and comerz... Not to mention the lack of respect you get. If you have been producing a long time and still not making any money, you are either half steppin, sleeping, or doing it wrong. Not everyone will like what you do, but if after a few years and you aint got a loyal group of clients that pay your way.... time to make doe another way. Maybe now your thinking, "who the fuck are you to tell me this?!?!?", well, I may not have a tune with Sean Paul or Bounty Killer, or WHOEVER.... YET!!!...but I'm my own person and people respect my grind. I dont even DJ... and if you see me at an music event...its a rare fing trussss me... but you WILL find me in western union or a money gram. CAPICE?!?!?

Thoughts anyone?!?!?
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