Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite "What you talking about!?"

was listening to a Hatcha and Coki podcast and they dropped this track feat Ms Dynamite on vocals... must say I was feelin this one..!!! - plus i have a soft spot for door - knocker earings

been hearing the instrumental version of this track for some time... this is one of those tracks that somehow manage to blur the lines between Grime and Dubstep pretty remarkably... heard it on Grime and Dubstep DJ sets alike... (for all u bpm counters, this one clocks in at 136bpm's)

Redlight is on production on this one.... who as some of you might know was formerly known as Dj Clipz from the Roni Size Full Cycle Drum and Bass crew... (damn remember Dj Die's Drop Bear track... fuckn still luv that sh*t...wait i gotta listen to it right now..)

anyways... must say u can't pigeon-hold this guy down at all.. definitely someone u need to keep an eye out for... Ms Dynamite compliments this track lovely.. this is a nice one to round out the summer... if u lookin to pick this track up u can download it here.

and while we on the subject of DNB.. shouts go out to DJ ODI.. one of NYC's Finest!!

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