Monday, September 27, 2010

Post-post Psych-out Luminous Tiger Sex

1000NAMES / SECONDARY FAUNA / video by Vitto Valentinov from Vitto Valentinov on Vimeo.

What a tremendous weekend! Had a full rest-up Sunday and now it's back to the grind. Among many of the tasks floating about near the top of pile-deep (mile-deep? hehe ... too much coffee) manana list today is tracking down some tunes residing in the area of 100 bpm to add to a "full-spectrum" set. This is a mix with a selection of tracks that gradually speeds up the tempo of the mix from 80bpm - 160bpm, at which point the speed is double where you started and essentially comes full circle. 100 bpm is pretty standard tempo in which you might find music from a wide range of genres: funk, soul, electro, hip-hop, dancehall, r&b, dub even some house and disco. In my search, I stumbled on a couple of releases that tend to be categorized as left-field or post-something that might be of interest to those with a taste for electro/retro/psychedelic vibes. Along with the obvious stand-outs of Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawk (both of whom seem to have run a little low on creative juice with their more recent releases) 1000Names is another producer whose tracks have crept into Mary Anne Hobbes' sets on BBC 1 and offer a hefty dose of experimental antics along with their crispy, lopping beats. Hailing from Bulgaria, 1000Names landed a phenomenal album release with Bristol-based UK label Black Acre known for both eye-ball crushing dubstep (Akira Kiteshi) and other "wonky" innovators like Blue Daisy. Heading further east, a recent release from Error Broadcast has gathered together a good number of Russian beat experimentalists on a compilation entitled "Fly Russia". Despite not being different enough to be recommended on Boomkat the release does drop original gems from some little-known artists of the Russian "21st Century beat music" scene.
813 - Zondor Fo by Error Broadcast
So yeah, that's my post from my preliminary exploration the post-whosits galaxy. In a way, it is also to introduce for you all what is sure to be a game-changing monthly event at The Cove in Brooklyn starting October 15th. FULL SPECTRUM get to know! Peace
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Like It Hotbox

If you've seen this guy in the union square subway in the past month raise your hand. Pretty talented voice effects and breakbeats going on in this vid. He did manage to somehow pick the subway station in NY with the highest decibel levels (breaking 4,5,6 trains). Nice work!

Swift update here to your weekend plans. If you seek some dope reggae/junglist vibes and some music you can actually dance to it is to be found in plenty at Southpaw this evening with LIONDUB & JAMALSKI with guest dj's HAHN SOLO & CARTER VAN PELT for SOME LIKE IT HOT. Get down in the downstairs lair with the choice sound system and selectors that know how to make you move. Dub, Roots, Rockers, Classic Dancehall, Digital and chart-topping favorites. 125 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY and the cover is a mere 8 bills. See you there!

Also a big shout to the guys at Turrbotax. Brenmar and Untold were f**king brilliant and we're really glad they could make it out here!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ikonika - NYC Sept 23 Le Poisson Rouge

just a quick note... for all u Ikonika fans... she will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan tonight...
Supporting Dj's include Machinedrum (LuckyMe / CassetteNYC) and Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)...

get ur weekend started right!!

ikonika,hifi cartel,dontsleepnyc,NYC
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Wknd Report - Extended

Ah yesterday felt like the weekend had already started. Good old sweltering humidity that broke in a summer storm. Anyway, for starters check our vid from yesterdays dontsleeptv. Bookz sets it off in fine style. As you may have noticed we've changed the orientation of the booth allowing more room for the dj and mc's to share the screen. Big shout out to all those that tuned in! See you next week same time less mumbling (lol) +more fresh dubstep/grime/funky weight. Extra shouts to Manlikemac, The One, First City Mob, Mashadasha, Sarah Boomz and Dr. Tim ...

As you may have heard Ikonika will be performing @ several locations (see below) So here's a preview of the kind of bomb Ikonika is going to be dropping with extra-kaka courtesy of the LPR event page

Make sure you stop by the best Thursday warm-up party in New York @ dumbo's Halcyon Record Shop where Liondub will be hold the weekly BlessUp! event along with Sepulcure and a special guest also performing at the red poison! Biggup Lion!

Friday is Jam packed with events and I will only go so far as to mention the two that should not be missed. Lucky Me - scintillating stable of far-out hip-hop and sub-heavy producers/dj's - will be touching down at 88 Palace with HudMo, Machine Drum, Mike Slott and more. check the invite!
Untold, Pitchfork favorite of Hessle Audio and Hemlock labels will be making his first appearance in New York since last year's unsound festival this time at brooklyn's explosive house/garage/jukecetera night, Turrbotax! With all the work he put's into his seemingly endless stream of forthcoming releases there is a good chance you've heard Untold. Face crushing sub-bass and ingenious crackling beats. He is joined by Brenmar and resident DJ Jason Muniz. Massive event dontsleep ny dontsleep! Saturday Turrtax does is it again with Turbro residents Mayster and Contakt with Brooklyn bassline/funky don Udachi and Grime Machine show's Phlegm at Tandem in Bushwick. A brief mention is surely due to Carbon crew in Broolyn who are holding down a *free* deep house garage session at LP and Harmony. And, after a brief hiccup 8th streets Club Love with be opening its doors again for Doc Martyn and DJ Spun and others Saturday as well. Get Housed! Take Sunday off with a bit more of that indigenous Summer hopefully and head back to Love Monday for a massive Konkrete Jungle blowout! Double-stacked DJ's Liondub x Iron Mike, Praying Mantis x Krunchy, I-Cue x Vandal and Hellfire Machina and Welfare bringing in the overseas madness! If you value that sound system at all, go to Love! it might not be there forever ... have a good weekend!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

They get you when you sleep....

People that kno me, kno im a big film head... When Im not doing music, Im eating pizza and watching a flick or watching Mark Kermode talking about cinema. You see, I dont have a TV but I have netflix!!! I tend to have themed seasons of films, for example, last week was filmmaker "Shane Meadows" week. I watched every film of his i could get a hold of and ended the week it by watching his masterpiece "This is England" for the millionth time. This week its been Micheal Caine week. I started with the new release and London set "Harry Brown" and worked backwards with a few gems in between and ended the week with his 1971 classic British gangster epic "Get Carter". As you can see the theme of my week varies from Actor, Director and even year it was made.

Now we are coming into a new week and I have picked 1978, dont ask me why, theres just sutin cool about 70s films i cant put my finger on. Another lost gem is the 1978 "Invasion of the body snatchers" with Donald Sutherland and a very young, but just as angry Geff Goldblum. Forget the modern remake bollocks or the dated original... this one was seriously good and brought back a whole bunch of paranoia from childhood when i first saw it... Its basically about a mysterious alien/plant based creature that infiltrates society but replacing everyone with exact clones of themselves that they control, until it takes over completely and there are no original people left. What makes these older films so cool is that there is intelligence and an idea behind it, not just a bunch of stuff blowing up and sum Zampers bouncing about. Its an intensely paranoid and subtle film, but what i like most about it is how the creatures get you. They get you when you sleep!! Check the trailer, it really doesn't do the film justice but u get the idea...and NEXT week Danial Winding REFN Season!!!! WICKED.

P.s. if u got netflix....catch it on instant

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sound Test: Max Echo - Heavy Article

Quick riddim I put together today. It's a slower tempo than usual - around 128 bpm for all you folks out there that count - which makes it basically house, with a funkier snare line and some rave juice sprinkled on top. I also added some keys and percussion to give it a an up-beat feel that might off set the basses which stay pretty grimey and distorted. Not sure whether this is set to be published or not. I may just hang onto it as extra artillery for my next set which is on Monday September 20th at Santos Party House. Here's the facebook invite. Bless
Heavy Article by maxecho
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

DontsleepTV / Bless Up!

Just a quick funky-reup from yesterday's ustream show. Had some technicals in the second half so Bookz' set is unfortunately not available. Next week is sure to be a good deal smoother run, with a proper mic and special guest MC so don't forget to tune in every Wednesday from 6-8pm at dontsleeptv. While we're on the webcast tip make sure you catch bless up this evening at Halcyon record shop (57 Pearl St. in Brooklyn) from 6-9pm hosted by DJ Liondub along with Alex Incyde and special guests. If you can't make it to the shop you can tune in here. Peace

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Migration of Cultural Leeches

I'm not going to write a long essay on "Hipsters" or "dickheads" as they are called in the LDN now. Its not because of lazyness, Its because once I start I will not stop. Its a sore point for me, Its part of a currant decay that is happening in cultural capitals all around the world. Its part of the reason I cant stand my birthplace right now (LDN) and my current home (NYC). The migration of cultural leeches seems to be endless and its really starting to change cities, and in most times for the worse. There has always been counter cultures with every generation, like in the 60s and 70s with Skin heads, Mods, Punks, or here, with swinging sixites for example. But underneath all of these movements, there was some kind of political thinking, idea or central belief. Whether it be Anarchy, Love, Civil Rights, Hate or just rebelling against the system. There was somehthing there. What is disturbing is Hipsters dont really believe in anything. There isnt even a great creative renaissance going on. Its just star bucks and american apparel making the leaps forward. If these hipsters were pioneering sutin or making cool art/music/whatever or even making money I could respect it. But for most of them, they seem content being consumerist sheep of the worst kind. Escaping from small ville USA while faking a rebellious liberal attitude at the same time. It seems just to be a constant competition of trying to be cooler then the next person. There is NO ideology here, except the pursuit of "cool". Brooklyn is a "cool" place, so lets all move there and push up the rents and push out all the real poeple!!!!.... NO... Brooklyn, like East London in particular (like in the following video), has character, and YOU CANT BUY IT!
Anywayz, back to my is a funny take on the LDN invasion of hipsters/dickheads....
I feel it goes much deeper that side of the pond on issues of class and and economic standing but the story I think, you will find is just the same... so enjoy and have a good larf!

P.s. Bigup all my real individual soldiers down for da love of the art and the chase of the paper!


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Monday, September 13, 2010

1st Lady ft DJ Webstar - Party Girl / White Girl Wasted

so this might be ur thing or might not be, but this seems like a track that has the potential to be huge...
havent really found too much info on 1st Lady, but just to keep it brief she's a young artist coming out of Harlem,NY and is affiliated with a crew called The Retro Kids...some of u might know DJ Webstar from "Dancing On Me" which Ft Jim Jones & Juelz Santana, and was big on the hip hop front especially here in nyc a year or 2 ago..

this track seems to definitely be trying to push hip hop in a new direction.. its quite a hard track than what u would normally hear... its been makin rounds on Hot 97 and other stations.. and clocking in at 130bpm it has a potential to be big in the rave + club circuits as well.. track is produced by KQuick... it'll be interesting to see how this is received...

apologies cause this aint the full video.. can someone post it somewhere???!!! wtf how are people supposed to find out about this track?? its always good when people start pushin boundaries, u never know where things might end up!!

if u'd like to hear the full song u can listen to it hear....

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sound Test : Uptown Riddim by Mad Scientist

Another one, sneaky peak of a new riddim.... look out for Grimey Bashment 2 coming November...Max Echo EP dropping October!!! BIG BIG BIG.

Holla for exclusive rights.ble$$

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Full of Lyrics .....FREE MIXTAPE!!!

So, a month late but F-it...still worth mentioning this as its been a month and I am still bumpin it...
Introducing the "Full of Lyrics" Mixtape by the UK top Bashment/Grime spitters...Badness, Shizzle, Killa P and Jamakabi. These MCs i dont even have to introduce unless you been living under a tombstone for the last 6/7 years.
This mixtape is seriouly nang and I am still chuffed I got it for free...and you can too!!! Come to think of it... they should be charging for it, its that good....
Here da link...

Anywayz, while you download.... heres a flash back to 2004 to enjoy... a timeless big riddim by Commander B "Pum Pum Riddim", first the Jamakabi version, then Shizzle...

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holy Zampers!!!!

Ok, so im been sleepin for a while.... 9to5erz call it
so im back, at least for a little while...and a stack of new tunes waiting, and old ones too...
Not going to go into a long essay about it but one of my favz right now is this "titty long" tune by School Boy. Dont kno much about this MC, but he comes from the Gaza side of tingz and this tune is sick... its catchy, funny, and one of those instantly skank-able ragga riddimz dat will have you grindin on sum big bumper within seconds... luv it....

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ah the end of Summer; the last few days of perfect temperature on the way to fall. Last minute vacations, trips to the beach, for US 9-5ers there's the BBQ'd end bracket of Labor Day weekend, and for Londoners there is of course Carnival. Taking over the steets of Chelsea and Notting Hill for two days in late August and thoroughly disturbing the peace with an outpouring of celebration for African-Carribean Culture. This video is one of the best representations of the sonic might of the carnival and, for that matter, sound in general that I have found on the web. There four parts and there all worth a larf.

NYC's version of this is of course Labor Day Carnival, or J'Ouvert, which is held yearly in Crown Heights Brooklyn. We'll have more posts about this as it gets closer to the event but suffice to say it is sure to be an equally bumptious outpouring of peace oneness in the heart of Brooklyn's Caribbean community.

Lastly, me and Books will be starting up our weekly mix session broadcast on dontsleeptv tonight from 7:00pm on. Tune in here for your weekly dose of grime, dubstep and funky misbehavior from various locations around the city to your phone of personal time wasting device. Keep grinding!
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Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On

Gappy Ranks caught our attention back in March with Stinkin Rich. The tune subsequently got a grangster re-rub by UK producers Slaughter Mob. This month Saw the release of a full album, Put The Stereo On, with Peckings Productions out on VP Records. Here Gappy talks about the album, growing up in Harlesden NW10 (ah it's all coming together now...) and different pop influences and such. The album boast an authorization by the "dancehall government" for it's immediate release. The title track along with already popular tracks like Pumpkin Belly are laid down over authorized (yes you need authorizing for that too!) versions of Studio One, Treasure Isle and Bunny Lee riddims. A must have for any fan of roots reggae classics. Biggup the JA, NY, London connect every time.

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