Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ah the end of Summer; the last few days of perfect temperature on the way to fall. Last minute vacations, trips to the beach, for US 9-5ers there's the BBQ'd end bracket of Labor Day weekend, and for Londoners there is of course Carnival. Taking over the steets of Chelsea and Notting Hill for two days in late August and thoroughly disturbing the peace with an outpouring of celebration for African-Carribean Culture. This video is one of the best representations of the sonic might of the carnival and, for that matter, sound in general that I have found on the web. There four parts and there all worth a larf.

NYC's version of this is of course Labor Day Carnival, or J'Ouvert, which is held yearly in Crown Heights Brooklyn. We'll have more posts about this as it gets closer to the event but suffice to say it is sure to be an equally bumptious outpouring of peace oneness in the heart of Brooklyn's Caribbean community.

Lastly, me and Books will be starting up our weekly mix session broadcast on dontsleeptv tonight from 7:00pm on. Tune in here for your weekly dose of grime, dubstep and funky misbehavior from various locations around the city to your phone of personal time wasting device. Keep grinding!
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