Saturday, September 18, 2010

They get you when you sleep....

People that kno me, kno im a big film head... When Im not doing music, Im eating pizza and watching a flick or watching Mark Kermode talking about cinema. You see, I dont have a TV but I have netflix!!! I tend to have themed seasons of films, for example, last week was filmmaker "Shane Meadows" week. I watched every film of his i could get a hold of and ended the week it by watching his masterpiece "This is England" for the millionth time. This week its been Micheal Caine week. I started with the new release and London set "Harry Brown" and worked backwards with a few gems in between and ended the week with his 1971 classic British gangster epic "Get Carter". As you can see the theme of my week varies from Actor, Director and even year it was made.

Now we are coming into a new week and I have picked 1978, dont ask me why, theres just sutin cool about 70s films i cant put my finger on. Another lost gem is the 1978 "Invasion of the body snatchers" with Donald Sutherland and a very young, but just as angry Geff Goldblum. Forget the modern remake bollocks or the dated original... this one was seriously good and brought back a whole bunch of paranoia from childhood when i first saw it... Its basically about a mysterious alien/plant based creature that infiltrates society but replacing everyone with exact clones of themselves that they control, until it takes over completely and there are no original people left. What makes these older films so cool is that there is intelligence and an idea behind it, not just a bunch of stuff blowing up and sum Zampers bouncing about. Its an intensely paranoid and subtle film, but what i like most about it is how the creatures get you. They get you when you sleep!! Check the trailer, it really doesn't do the film justice but u get the idea...and NEXT week Danial Winding REFN Season!!!! WICKED.

P.s. if u got netflix....catch it on instant
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  1. yo i love this movie.. i didn't mind the recent remake... but it aint near as good as the original....

  2. yeh its by far the best one, infact it is the remake.... the original/original was back in the black and white days, then there is this one, then a 90s version set on an army base, and then recent craptastic one wit kidman and 007 man...thats 4 versions...