Monday, September 27, 2010

Post-post Psych-out Luminous Tiger Sex

1000NAMES / SECONDARY FAUNA / video by Vitto Valentinov from Vitto Valentinov on Vimeo.

What a tremendous weekend! Had a full rest-up Sunday and now it's back to the grind. Among many of the tasks floating about near the top of pile-deep (mile-deep? hehe ... too much coffee) manana list today is tracking down some tunes residing in the area of 100 bpm to add to a "full-spectrum" set. This is a mix with a selection of tracks that gradually speeds up the tempo of the mix from 80bpm - 160bpm, at which point the speed is double where you started and essentially comes full circle. 100 bpm is pretty standard tempo in which you might find music from a wide range of genres: funk, soul, electro, hip-hop, dancehall, r&b, dub even some house and disco. In my search, I stumbled on a couple of releases that tend to be categorized as left-field or post-something that might be of interest to those with a taste for electro/retro/psychedelic vibes. Along with the obvious stand-outs of Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawk (both of whom seem to have run a little low on creative juice with their more recent releases) 1000Names is another producer whose tracks have crept into Mary Anne Hobbes' sets on BBC 1 and offer a hefty dose of experimental antics along with their crispy, lopping beats. Hailing from Bulgaria, 1000Names landed a phenomenal album release with Bristol-based UK label Black Acre known for both eye-ball crushing dubstep (Akira Kiteshi) and other "wonky" innovators like Blue Daisy. Heading further east, a recent release from Error Broadcast has gathered together a good number of Russian beat experimentalists on a compilation entitled "Fly Russia". Despite not being different enough to be recommended on Boomkat the release does drop original gems from some little-known artists of the Russian "21st Century beat music" scene.
813 - Zondor Fo by Error Broadcast
So yeah, that's my post from my preliminary exploration the post-whosits galaxy. In a way, it is also to introduce for you all what is sure to be a game-changing monthly event at The Cove in Brooklyn starting October 15th. FULL SPECTRUM get to know! Peace
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