Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Migration of Cultural Leeches

I'm not going to write a long essay on "Hipsters" or "dickheads" as they are called in the LDN now. Its not because of lazyness, Its because once I start I will not stop. Its a sore point for me, Its part of a currant decay that is happening in cultural capitals all around the world. Its part of the reason I cant stand my birthplace right now (LDN) and my current home (NYC). The migration of cultural leeches seems to be endless and its really starting to change cities, and in most times for the worse. There has always been counter cultures with every generation, like in the 60s and 70s with Skin heads, Mods, Punks, or here, with swinging sixites for example. But underneath all of these movements, there was some kind of political thinking, idea or central belief. Whether it be Anarchy, Love, Civil Rights, Hate or just rebelling against the system. There was somehthing there. What is disturbing is Hipsters dont really believe in anything. There isnt even a great creative renaissance going on. Its just star bucks and american apparel making the leaps forward. If these hipsters were pioneering sutin or making cool art/music/whatever or even making money I could respect it. But for most of them, they seem content being consumerist sheep of the worst kind. Escaping from small ville USA while faking a rebellious liberal attitude at the same time. It seems just to be a constant competition of trying to be cooler then the next person. There is NO ideology here, except the pursuit of "cool". Brooklyn is a "cool" place, so lets all move there and push up the rents and push out all the real poeple!!!!.... NO... Brooklyn, like East London in particular (like in the following video), has character, and YOU CANT BUY IT!
Anywayz, back to my point....here is a funny take on the LDN invasion of hipsters/dickheads....
I feel it goes much deeper that side of the pond on issues of class and and economic standing but the story I think, you will find is just the same... so enjoy and have a good larf!

P.s. Bigup all my real individual soldiers down for da love of the art and the chase of the paper!

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  1. What it comes down to, unfortunately, is at the end of the day money trumps everything. These fucking weirdos are protected by society because they have money, and they will spend it.

    How are these fucking ambigiously gendered, heap of tight vintage clothe wearing, empty, void of conviction ass lames allowed to not only move in to the hood, but then seed out the locals and attempt to change the cultural identidy of it? Money. There is no value anymore higher then money, so why would we expect anything else but whats happening right now to happen.

    Hipster dickheads will spend more for less because they don't know any better, and the state and city is behind it because cultural heritage nor values, nor anything these days speaks as highly as money. Thats why the police protect em, thats why certain cats in the hood even welcome them in. Cuz guess what, you make more money with less risk sellin a lil bag of yayo to these folks then pumpin drums of crack on the corner.

    YOu reap what you sow. Fire keeps burnin over here in any case. I would rather not take their money then having to be around people who have nothing to say. I'd rather make my guap with people i respect. However, my city is infested by roaches, human ones from bumblefuck imma Lameville, USA. So in the interim i will take their money that's the least they owe. Also, they can keep their herpes infested shorties.

    Last thing tho is this: I still believe in the premise of each one teach one. Therefore with no compromise in my artistic integrity, or of those i keep around me, maybe one day these pathetic people can start to learn?? who knows...

  2. yeh, i write my own magazine now...its all about my balls.lolololololol

  3. several things come to mind with this absolutely hilarious video: gentrification is a complicated issue in the urban landscape and, while it doesn't always happen in the same way at the same pace, there are some distinct trends. Many neighborhoods in NYC and elsewhere change their cultural make up over time without rocking boat because the housing market stay relatively affordable. This is true of Astoria and LES just to name a few. Very often the first people to break the cultural mold are artists, musicians, and other creatives who refuse the 9-5 grind and seek affordable living where it is available. This is the first wave. Middle-class artsy types have been moving into the outer boroughs and less marketable parts of manhattan for ages. The second wave is far more obnoxious because it is enabled by developers and landlords and at this present moment is exacerbated by the recent collapse in the job market. The role of the state and the real estate market and thereby the stock market is largely ignored here. What I find most devastating is the total lack of affordable housing which is a human rights crisis throughout the US and not just in New York. The other thing that comes out of focusing on the hipsters/dickheads as being responsible for "inventing" the class and cultural divide is that those who would most benefit from organizing against the super-rich isolate themselves. Hipsters as a phenomena are annoying for many reasons but they're not the problem. The problem is the banks, the corporations, the brokers, the military industrial complex, agro-business and a government with it's hands tied to effect any sort of radical restructuring of the social-economic system in which we live. One dat the bottom 99 percent of the pyramid will actually stop bickering and address the real issues. my two cents, safe

  4. wow...nice comments!!!....max, u just took it to a whole new level.... P too... def. have to discuss this more.... very interesting... even if a lil bleak.