Monday, October 18, 2010

DontSleep Tees / Booty Slammer

T-shirts are here! The first in a series of t-shirts planned for this year ... By spring we might be up to a full line, but first we're going through this limited run of M, L, XL, logo tees. If you feeling the retro logo, like what we do and want to support or have a genuine love for the game, this gem-hungry pacman is for you. Printed on American Apparel 100% cotton adult T-shirts. Go here to purchase. Only $24 smackers!(shipping included)

Speaking of smackers here's a track you've probably heard on some of our shows this past month. Lot's of nice things to say about this raunchy EP but I'll try to sum it up in brief. As with much of the other producers to grace the Night Slugs vaults, Velour combines grime's sarcastic yet deep rooted love for 80's synths with house music's allure, minimalism and palatable drum arrangement. It may be a cheap shot but it still feels pretty good to see people moving to this kind of shit over some tear-out wobbler any day! Vaguely reminds me of something that might appear half-way between Mizz Beats and Dam Funk.
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  1. wicked tune...wish more people made tunes like this... can almost taste the Mojito and feel Miami beach sand between the toes when i hear this...

  2. This track is one of my fav's lately.

  3. Can we get these tees in fitted sizes for the ladies? :) Diamonds are a girl's best friend...

  4. @E well put!! i think that's going to be our next run ... looking for illustrators to collab with atm.