Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DontsleepTV 007

The weekly ustream sessions continue this evening with special guest Liondub on the set dropping reggae, jungle, dubstep and more alongside me and Bookz. In case you missed it, here's The Heatwave's impromptu guest appearance from Monday. It's a mad thing with Benjiman D holding it down proper on a DJ tip, plus "hand-made" music videos, plenty of ridiculous behavior and of course a smashing selection from Gabriel Heatwave.

Massive shoutout to those that tuned in and the entire Hot Wuk massive. Was an honor to have them in the studio and we hope they come to destroy it Katsup-side of the pond again soon. Make sure you tune in this evening and next week when we have Turrbotax resident C-sick dropping in on the DontSleepTV.

Oh yeah if you want to get busy on some proper ram dance party thing this is the spot to go to: Que Bajo in Williamsburg where Heatwave are doing their last set before skipping back to the UK. braaap
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