Sunday, October 10, 2010

JME - The Instrumentalz

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swear i was gonna do a post about JME's new album entitled Blam but I came across this release which dropped in June and decided to run with this cause its definitely a must have for any Grime DJ, Producer, or MC ...

if you know Grime music then you definitely know who JME is... as co-owner + CEO of
Boy Better Know Records he's released a large number of ground breaking tracks... "Deadout","Serious", "96 Bars", "Famous" etc.. etc.."

JME is also quite a prolific producer (not to mention music mogul), and this release showcases his production skills.. Personally, I've been waiting for a lot of these instrumentals to come out; there's a lot of bangers on here... think I'm partial to "Mayhem" , "African Zulu Warrior" and "Back 2 Basics" name a few.
this is def one to cop... u can get it here.. can't say u aint got any Grime Instrumentals to play..
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1 comment:

  1. wicked.... JME is badman producer! i feel like i waited 4 years for this compliation! still bump "poomplex" and "shhhhhut yuh muh" mixtapes! CLASSICKS!