Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loco for Barcelona

OK, when my wifey told me about this i thought it must be sum kind of joke... anyways...yes that "nuttah" girl Shakira and Dizzee in a song together...whats next?!?!? Wiley and Madonna?!?!? ok so its cheese, fun cheese maybe and i cant be mad at the E3 kid for getting that pop "P" in. Fuck it. why not?!?!? I WOULD! But what I really like about this video is not them, or the music, but the fact its filmed in Barcelona. And this is for a very good reason.

I was lucky to travel there last summer and explore this amazing and vibrant city quite well. I was impressed by it so much, it almost put NYC to shame. Spain and Barcelona in particular is becoming a place world renowned for so many reasons. Its becoming a cultural capital in Europe, for food, art, music, nightlife and in some ways, the better standard of living, cheaper rents, beaches, mediterranean climate and rich culture have me wondering why the fuck i dont live there already?!?! Ok so its not New York. A totally different animal, a far older one but still comparatively un-contaminated by the hipsters and gentrification thats killing off the real NYC, So far at least....So a few hours flight from London, and half that to my family in Italy, its tempting! Expect me in Barcelona more often!!! and If you guys out there get a chance or a few spare minutes, google and look at whats going on in Barcelona, you will not be disappointed.

Dont worry, its not going to turn into a travel blog but DontsleepBarcelona.com? Maybe, just maybe.

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