Friday, October 1, 2010

Marcus Visionary Humble EP 1

Marcus Visionary may very well be one of the most prolific and consistently raw drum and bass and new school ragga jungle producers working today. With a third full album already underway, Marcus's second album hits the digital shelves with the first batch of tunes taken from the forthcoming album featuring unique VIP refixes from Marcus and a sick remix from Bladerunner. Absolute rave anthem bizness, do not sleep!! Full copy and player after the jump.

Liondub International presents the first of two EP's From Marcus Visionary's forthcoming album, Humble. Where his _ saw Marcus applying his formidable drum & bass/ jungle production technique to the dubstep, soca and funky format, Humble is a return to the roots of jungle music in which Marcus first honed his craft. Humble is also an homage to the dancehall reggae music that inspired a generation of ragga jungle producers to meld Jamaican sound system pressure with the urban grit and militancy of breakbeat and hardcore. This most clearly heard on the first two tracks of the EP where Sugar Minot, a most loved cornerstone artist of Jamaican roots and dancehall reggae, lends his superb vocal talents. Ruff & Tuff is a multi-layered match made in Studio One heaven. The lovers rock anthem Mean Girl Dub - already much versioned by Mr. Minot - gets a future-facing jungle re-lick that could make a cold hearted murderer get up and skank-out. On Borderline, the sweet sounds of Sugar Minot's vocal are contrasted by the furious Amen rhythm and make this track an absolute classic that is sure stand the test of time. Musical Murderation starts out in a stripped down dubby style but quickly turns darker with a bristling bass line and merciless reverse drum edits. Bladerunner's jump-up remix is equally dark and relocates the vocal harmony from the end of Marcus' version to a beautiful half-tempo break in the middle of the song. If the two Sugar Minot tracks didn't make your hair stand on end, Bounce, featuring a dancehall vocal and rap lyric from Jah Dan Blakkamoore, most certainly will. The hazy pads, icy chords and hard-edge drum pattern of the vocal and following dub version make this the perfect ending to a priceless EP.

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