Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Return of the Godfather... SHOWER WILEY

Who remembers Eskimo? and all those Eski-wiley riddimz back in the day? Alot of my yanky friends will not kno wot i talking about.... get to kno yeh... it was one of my favorite periods in Grime or Wotever u call it?!?! (see wot i did there?!?! eh?!?! lol)... anywayz... the ever evolving Wiley has gone back to the eski dayz but in a new bashment styleee... WICKED! its a welcome return of the E3 tiger... and whats the result? sum Eski-Bashment.... and DAMN its heavy... and double DAMN...CAH WHY DIDNT WE ALREADY FLIP THIS RIDDIM LIKE THIS?!?!?!? anyways.... godfather to godfather...BIGUP WILEY!
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