Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sound Test : Mad Scientist's Shower Riddim

GBEP 2 coming November 8th. Meanime, look out for Max Echo EP droppin this month...more info coming real soon.... Plus Ammunition 2 before Xmas.... MADNESSESS!!!!
OK, not sure what I am going to do with this riddim, so Im just gonna put it out there...holla for exclusive rights.... Shower Riddim, NO, NOT THE SHOWER U WASH WIT!!! Shower is slang in da UK for sutin dat is wicked etc.... just clear dat up for da yanky man dem.ble$$!

Shower Riddim (Version 2) by Mad Scientist by natomadscientist
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  1. it's slang for Showa Posse too i reckon ... known for raining the bullet down in a shower ... meanwhile, 20 or so years prior to the Coke/Duddus empire, Lee Scratch Perry was in fact making lots of shower dubs with running water in the background and lyrics like "scrub your front/wash your face"lol ... long live Pipecock Jackson!

  2. yeh that too , dont get P started on all dat shower posse ting.... lol... anyways, thats crazy about Lee Scratch...