Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Sevens Clash

Yesterday marked my first release under the Max Echo moniker on partners in crime First City Records. It's the result of at least 6 months of re-educating myself in garage, house, bashment and UK funky genres. Obviously there is always more to learn; this is my take on the music that influences me at the moment thrown in with everything that defines me musically and that, along with the technology I use to produce, will likely never cease to be a presence in my sound. The 5 track EP is titled after a momentous clash between NF supporters and anti-facist groups in the South London borough of Lewisham. This is an effort to tangentially inject history into the work I produce. History is always a part of recorded media in some way, but I wanted to draw attention to this part of the history of social justice movements and community organizing. I feel that a large part of what would be the radical left in the western world, particularly in the U.S., has been beaten into submission by images of power and the dehumanizing realities of late-capitalist empire. My EP wont change this, it's just a reminder that people used to clash in the streets. One day it may happen again but it wont happen on twitter lol ... anyway here's the album at $4.80 which is cheaper than you will find most digital EP's on the web. Thanks to all who have given me support and inspiration in my life. More time forward!

oh yeah! here's a free track to go with it >
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